Roofing Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mom

In our modern day life where both parents have to work to earn a living, it can be tough to get daddy to step up and do home fixes.  In most households, repair duties around the house often fall to mom.  This is hardly an issue because, in a world where men are expected to change diapers and cook dinners, women can very well be expected to do a bit of heavy lifting around the house.  Taking care of little ones is, after all, a much bigger and tougher job than doing a few roofing maintenance tasks on your own. In fact, as you tend to more handyman tasks, you will quickly find that taking care of physical tasks around the house is easier and much more fun than dealing with life issues such as temper tantrums or teenager issues.

So the next time your kids are spiralling out of control, take a step back, and let the man of the house handle these tasks and get out for a bit of fresh air and fix your roof. Here are a few great repair and maintenance tips for moms.

Roofing Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mom
Roofing Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mom

Inspect Your Roof At Least Once a Year

It is important to give your roof a good check-up at least once a year and after every storm.  Take a stroll around the house and see if you can spot any visible damages from ground level.  Now grab a ladder and get up there.  Check if you can see any loose tiles, growths or other types of damages.  Regular inspections allow you to catch roofing damages early on so you won’t have to spend a fortune on getting these damages fixed.

Power Wash Your Roof

Power washing is great for your rooftop.  The strong jet of water removes stubborn dirt, grime, dust, and growths such as moss from your roofing tiles and revives the natural colors of your roof so it will look nice and bright.

Clean Those Gutters

It is important to give all of your roofing gutters a good clean before the rainy season starts.  Clogged gutters can harbor lots of pests and insects and can even lead to water damage inside your home.

Always Use a Professional for Repairs

Did you see some issues on your routine roofing inspection? Then it is time to call in roofing and siding expert to get these issues fixed up.  Don’t attempt to do roofing repairs on your own if you are not experienced in roofing repairs.  It is quite dangerous to perform handyman tasks at that height and you could end up breaking expensive and rare roofing tiles.  And if you don’t get the job done right then your roofing issue will still be there to haunt you.  Instead of doing your own water leak repairs, siding fixes or roofing repaint get an expert to handle these jobs for you.  And don’t be ashamed to call in the help of an expert.  Hubby was postponing and avoiding those roofing tasks for a good reason – he doesn’t know how to do them himself either.

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