Infestations mommas should watch out for

There are so many different ways for little humans to get into trouble.  Danger lurks around every corner when you are that small and fragile and moms always have their hands full trying to protect their little kids.  If your little one loves to explore and have fun in the garden then you should keep an eye out for nasty insects.  There are lots of infestations that can affect a child’s health negatively and lots of bugs in your region that could be deadly.  Here are a few infestations moms should watch out for if they want to keep their little toddlers healthy and happy.

Infestations mommas should watch out for
Infestations mommas should watch out for

Emerald Ash Borer

This insect isn’t exactly toxic to kids but it is labeled as US’s most dangerous insect.  This is because the borer causes $120 billion worth of damage to ash trees in the country every year.  These insects are metallic green in color with purple tones under their wings.  They affect only ash trees and you can identify them in your trees by checking for tiny drill holes.  If you have ash trees in your area and want to protect them then please watch out for these infestations.


A scorpions sting can be lethal to a tiny child.  These insects can be found all over the country and they love to hide away underneath objects such as wooden stumps, bark and more. The sting of a scorpion is agonizingly painful and it can be days before your child or pet is back to normal.  Always watch out for scorpions if your little one is exploring in the garden.


Rat infestations are not just damaging to your property due to all of the chewing.  These rodents also carry lots of diseases that can spread to affect the health of your child.   If you notice rats in your home then it is time to call the help of a professional exterminator right now.


These tiny insects can go unnoticed for quite some time because they are so small.  They love to feed on dead skin and thus infect mattresses.  Bedbug bites are very disruptive because they itch so much and the rash and red bites look horrible on little children.  The best way to get rid of bedbugs is by getting the entire house interior fumigated.


Most spiders are not life-threatening but their bites can be painful and can result in scarring.  There are also quite a few species that could be dangerous to small children.  What makes spiders so terrible is the fact that they can hide away in plants, trees, furniture, and homes so easily.


We all love to enjoy honey but honey bees can become quite aggressive when you get close to their nests.  For most kids, a bee sting is simply painful but there are lots of little ones who are very allergic to these stings.  If you see a bee infestation in your yard then call a local honey farmer to come and collect the colony.

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