How to make your child Clean their Room

One problem that many parents across the world go through is getting their kids to do chores such as cleaning their rooms. It can really get frustrating, since not many kids like that idea, and in many instances, they even rebel. It is a parent’s duty to train their children to be responsible, something that will also help the kids in their future lives, when they grow into adults and even have homes of their own. Kids should learn to keep their stuff in their room, corners, or spaces, giving them a sense of order. N this article, we will try and figure out some ways that you can use to make your child clean their room.

For starters, it is important for the parents to come up with regular routines/ this is because they provide some sense of predictability and stability. This way, the kids will learn to go through the motions, something that will help them at a later point in their lives.

How to make your child Clean their Room

Children learn how to be responsible when we insist on putting things in order. It is important that we teach the kids how to keep things safe, repair things, and encourage them to keep organized.

We need to make chores look and feel fun by incorporating fun activities. You can add games into the chores, among other fun activities.

This is something that teaches the kids how to manage people, money, and stuff, and those are characteristics of successful professionals. When children are taught how to clean in a calm way, they master those skills.

Tips for Improving the Situation — At Least a Little

  • Set a good example by also doing your tasks kids tend to learn by looking at what we do, and they get to see it as something that is normal and expected.
  • Give the kids pride of place by making them feel like they own their space, and have control over how it looks. They will be motivated to clean and keep it tidy.
  • Make it clear what it means to have a clean room, by coming up with a checklist, that can include pictures for the smaller kids. The checklist can include, making their beds, putting laundry in hampers, hanging clothes, putting toys away, now you’re done.
  • Place everything where it should be, so that the kids can know that everything has a home. You can give them labelled boxes.
  • Keep the stuff-level down so that their spaces don’t get too crowded. Teach the kids that if something new comes in, an old one has to leave. If they get a new toy, an old one has to leave. You can teach them that there are others out there that could use their old toys that they don’t need. Teach them how to donate to the less fortunate.
  • You can start off by doing chores together, since it is the best way to show the kids how it is done. They will master the skills faster and soon enough, they won’t need supervision at all. That is better than supervision.
  • Set reasonable health and safety standards by showing them the health hazards, which includes garbage, dirty dishes, and moldering laundry. Let them know why such things must be taken care of.


Children are our responsibility, and we should guide them for the sake of their futures. The tips mentioned above make it easier to train them in cleaning their rooms or spaces.For more tips you can read our article

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