How Moms Can Make Memories Last for Their Preschoolers

It is every mom’s dream to have their preschooler remembers everything that they experienced in their early ages. Kids the ages of between 4 and 6 tend to remember everything and almost seem genius. This is because they don’t have the ability to judge right from wrong. As they grow older, they get selective in the things that they learn and remember. This means that they will also remember certain memories and forget others. A mom would like their child to remember everything that they learned and experienced in preschool. With a little help, that is possible, which is the reason why we are going to take a look at how moms can make memories last for their preschoolers.

How Moms Can Make Memories Last for Their Preschoolers
How Moms Can Make Memories Last for Their Preschoolers

The Brain Needs Language

It is hard for kids to retain any experiences before the point that they could talk due to the fact that words are used to access stored memories. They are more likely to remember anything about their past once they can verbalize words. In developing the kid’s memories, help them to narrate their experiences by talking about them.

The Brain Needs Repetition

Repetition boosts the memory, which is why things should be said over and over. It will eventually be stored in the long-term memory, where they can access it easily. One way of boosting their memories is to come up with things that happen regularly, such as swimming in the morning during the summer.

The Brain Needs Intense Feedback

The child’s brain will react based on your reaction to different situations. If you react positively or negatively, the brain will try to figure out whether to remember or not. That is the reason why your excitement should always show when something good happens. It will make it easier for the child to remember.

The Brain Needs a Reference Point

When kids link one experience to another, it makes it easier for them to remember. If the kids have smarties during a birthday in kindergarten, they will also remember getting smarties in their preschool. When trying to make the child remember the past, bring up the past and remind them of exactly what happened.

Custom Star Maps

There are other ways that can make children remember past experiences. One of the most common ways is through videos, which will relay exactly everything that happened visually. Another way of keeping the memories alive is through custom star maps. The custom star map also makes a great gift, and the best part is that it can be created to suit the person it is being gifted to. The custom star maps are made from the highest quality matte paper and hand stretched canvas, available in sizes of 8×10 to 24×36. When creating them, one gets to choose the designs and styles from the database, which has hundreds of thousands of choices to select from. The print is shipped within a few days, with free shipping in the US and Canada, inclusive of framed or canvas orders.


A mother that would like to boost their preschooler’s memory can try some of the tips mentioned above, and even put some of the great moments that the child went through in a star map so that the memories can live with the child forever.

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