Building a Strong Mother Son Bond

A mother and son relationship is very important, and especially since the boys will learn how to deal with their future relationships from their mothers. They will learn this from what they see in their moms, as well as interacting with them.

Building a Strong Mother Son Bond
Building a Strong Mother Son Bond

Let him talk

We all know that it is the women that tend to talk the most in relationships, being natural verbal communicators, but when it comes to their sons, the women should quiet down to listen to them. Set aside time when you can talk you’re your son without distractions, probably during bedtime. Let him air his thoughts without interruptions.

Speak their language

Most boys bond through activities such as playing board games. Their mothers should try and bond with them through those activities. They should at least try and learn the rules of the activities that they can’t take part in, such as baseball.

Let him be a “boy”

It is a boy’s nature to be noisy, dirty, always hungry, among other things. You’ll come across stones in their pockets, wires, and a host of other things. That is the beginning of his manhood and instead of bemoaning them, you should accept them the way they are. They are just being boys.

Teach them

Just because they are boys doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t teach the boys what you know. Kitchen skills are some of the things that you can teach the boys, and they will help them in their bachelorhood and even in marriage later on.

Talk on how to relate with women

It is important to discuss how to relate with women, discussing your perspective on the issue. Be an example in your relationship with his father because he will always be watching and listening even though you might not realize it.

Tabletop RPG

Tabletop games are some of the games that you can play with your son, and you would need to learn how they are played and everything about them. Some of the things that excite boys are RPG games, and even as a beginner, it is important to do some research instead of diving right into the game with no idea of what you’re doing.

RPG games are based on narratives where people don’t really know what the story will be but are guided by the rules of the game. In the tabletop RPGs, the player usually adapts a certain character in the adventure. A good example is Dungeons & Dragons. All the tabletop RPG games are reliant on rule systems that determine how hard or long it will take to complete them. Some of the things needed to run a tabletop RPG game include gamebooks, dice rolls, battle charts, among other things. The games come in many different genres and can be played with other people or alone.


The bond between a mom and son is very important and usually very strong. The tips above can be used to enhance the bond. Find out the RPG games that your son enjoys and join him playing or supporting him.

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