How Moms Can Get Started With Jewelry Business

It is the dream of every mom to achieve financial freedom. That has driven moms to engage in al kinds of side hustles to achieve their financial goals. One of the great side-hustles that moms can engage in is jewelry business. The great thing about jewelry business is that women will always use the jewelry and if you have the right network your business will grow through word of mouth. To be successful, however, you need a strategy, you need something that will make you stand out from your competitors as it is a highly competitive niche. As much as you may be passionate about jewelry making, you also need business skills for you to be a success. Some of the things to keep in mind for a successful jewelry business include:

How Moms Can Get Started With Jewelry Business
How Moms Can Get Started With Jewelry Business

Have a strong why

It is your “why” that will give you the zeal to forge forward. In other terms, you need a strong mission statement. Your mission will help to define the purpose of your business and why you are in existence. That will help you to define your priorities and goals of the business. When crafting a strong mission statement be sure to give concentration to your target customers, how you will be different and stand out from the competition, and how you plan to operate. That will not only help to give you direction but will also help your employees to look forward to working with you and give their best.

Have a good financial plan

Finances are very important for any business. You need to have a proper financial plan on how you will manage your finances for at least the first year since it is going to take some time before the business starts being self-sufficient. Successful jewelry businesses such as Nikama Jewellery are a success because of a proper financial plan. You need to do a cash flow forecast to help you have enough for buying raw material and paying for any expenses.

Be creative

The one thing that will make customers prefer you to their competitors is creativity. Creativity is not only in jewelry designs but also from the names and branding of your business. The branding should be done right depending on your target customers. The name should be a match to the common industry terms that customers can easily associate with. The logo should give a good image and vibe.

Have a great marketing plan

Marketing is the backbone of every organization. Even if everything is done right, without marketing customers will not get to know about your business. In the era of social media, you should have a social media marketing strategy. Generally, the strategy that you choose depends on how you plan to operate your business and who your niche is. Do market research well so that you position yourself well according to the current trends. Remember you may have to change your strategies from time to time depending on your niche.

Good Hygiene in Children

It is important to teach children good personal hygiene habits from an early age. They tend to learn by watching their parents and other adults doing it, which is why parents should emulate what they want their kids to learn. Good hygiene is important in the prevention of diseases, and especially in pre-school going children who are exposed to many germs in the environments they live, play, and school in. some of the important considerations in good personal hygiene include:

Good Hygiene in Children
Good Hygiene in Children

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene includes keeping their mouths clean by brushing their teeth. Parents should teach their children good teeth brushing techniques and also explain to them the dangers of eating too many sweets, biscuits, and chocolates, among other things, and the options that are.

Hand Washing

One of the most important things that you should teach your children is washing their hands when they come from the toilet, before eating or handling food, and after handling animals. They should learn proper toilet hygiene since it is one of the most common causes of infections and diseases.

Fungal Infections

It is common to find kids with things like ringworms and athletes foot, which are brought about by fungal infections. They should wash their hands, including in between their fingers and under their nails. They should also dry their hands properly since it lessens the chances of the spread of fungal infections.


Nail-biting is also something that is common among young children because little do they know how many germs live and breed there. By biting their nails, they ingest these germs, which leads to conditions like diarrhea. It is best to teach kids to keep their nails short and clean since it lowers the chances of germs living and breeding under them.

Hair Care

Kids are best off with short hair since it is easier to manage when it comes to things like washing and combing. Washing it daily can lead to flaking and loss of natural oils, and so it is recommended to wash it every other day.

Food Hygiene

Food hygiene includes washing hands before and after meals, not eating on the floor, and especially if you own pets, and the use of cutlery, which encourages better table manners and lessens the chances of transmitting germs.

Kastelli Crown of Oulu

It is also important to have the kids visit a dentist regularly to ensure that their oral health is up to date. The Kastellin Kruunu Dental Care Services in Oulu is a dental clinic that they can visit if you live in Oulu, Finland. They offer everything from basic dentistry to prosthetics, oral surgery, and aesthetic dentistry. One of the advantages is that they don’t have any office fees like many other dental hospitals, and their parking is free. Appointments can be booked directly on their website for the time most convenient to you.


Good personal hygiene is a must for the kids to have a healthy life, and it is best learned at an early age. Teach your kids good hygiene based on the categories mentioned above and you can have some peace of mind.

Infestations mommas should watch out for

There are so many different ways for little humans to get into trouble.  Danger lurks around every corner when you are that small and fragile and moms always have their hands full trying to protect their little kids.  If your little one loves to explore and have fun in the garden then you should keep an eye out for nasty insects.  There are lots of infestations that can affect a child’s health negatively and lots of bugs in your region that could be deadly.  Here are a few infestations moms should watch out for if they want to keep their little toddlers healthy and happy.

Infestations mommas should watch out for
Infestations mommas should watch out for

Emerald Ash Borer

This insect isn’t exactly toxic to kids but it is labeled as US’s most dangerous insect.  This is because the borer causes $120 billion worth of damage to ash trees in the country every year.  These insects are metallic green in color with purple tones under their wings.  They affect only ash trees and you can identify them in your trees by checking for tiny drill holes.  If you have ash trees in your area and want to protect them then please watch out for these infestations.


A scorpions sting can be lethal to a tiny child.  These insects can be found all over the country and they love to hide away underneath objects such as wooden stumps, bark and more. The sting of a scorpion is agonizingly painful and it can be days before your child or pet is back to normal.  Always watch out for scorpions if your little one is exploring in the garden.


Rat infestations are not just damaging to your property due to all of the chewing.  These rodents also carry lots of diseases that can spread to affect the health of your child.   If you notice rats in your home then it is time to call the help of a professional exterminator right now.


These tiny insects can go unnoticed for quite some time because they are so small.  They love to feed on dead skin and thus infect mattresses.  Bedbug bites are very disruptive because they itch so much and the rash and red bites look horrible on little children.  The best way to get rid of bedbugs is by getting the entire house interior fumigated.


Most spiders are not life-threatening but their bites can be painful and can result in scarring.  There are also quite a few species that could be dangerous to small children.  What makes spiders so terrible is the fact that they can hide away in plants, trees, furniture, and homes so easily.


We all love to enjoy honey but honey bees can become quite aggressive when you get close to their nests.  For most kids, a bee sting is simply painful but there are lots of little ones who are very allergic to these stings.  If you see a bee infestation in your yard then call a local honey farmer to come and collect the colony.

Ways for Moms to Tell When Products Are Legit or Fake

Raising tiny human beings can be quite expensive.   When you have expensive school and medical fees to cover, there just isn’t time or money to waste on ineffective products.  Modern advertising makes it quite challenging to identify when products are good or a complete waste of money.  Everyone markets their products as the best and with hundreds of products to choose from in just about every possible category type, you can easily end up spending a fortune before you finally locate a product that works for you.

Ways for Moms to Tell When Products Are Legit or Fake
Ways for Moms to Tell When Products Are Legit or Fake

If you want to learn to identify good products or to tell when products are fake then you can certainly take a few hints from these handy tips.

Check Out Reviews

Always check out these self help product reviews before you decide to buy.  Product reviews are usually written by consumers or experts and give you valuable information on the effectiveness of a product, how to use the product or can tell you when a product is not suitable for your specific need or body type.  Reviews are usually one of the best ways to identify fake products because customers that spent money on these products are always happy to share their disgust when they feel like they have been created.

Check Out the Business Website

Another good way to identify good quality products is by checking out their website.  Unfortunately, there are scamming websites as well so you need to do quite a bit of investigation before you decide to buy.  Legit companies usually have legitimate contact numbers and physical addresses.  You can also check online to see if you can find any reviews on the website.

Avoid Instant Payment Methods

Companies that use instant payment methods such as e-wallet are not the most secure.  It is just too easy for them to disappear with your money.  The best way to stay safe when buying online is by purchasing via companies that offer a business bank account.

Avoid Deals That Are Too Good To Be True

If something seems too cheap to be true then be careful.  There are lots of businesses that sell fake products or that run online scams in order to steal your money.

Stick to Trusted Businesses

Trusted businesses with well-established brands are much safer to buy from.  Even if you are not certain of a new product, you will at least be certain that you will receive that product in a true and legit form.

Don’t Overspend On Businesses You Don’t Fully Trust

If you are going to buy from a new or strange company then don’t overspend.  Keep your purchase small until you can verify whether the company and product are sound or not.  If you are scammed you at least won’t lose quite as much money.

Don’t Be Fooled By Pictures

Lots of companies use high-quality images of authentic products to market and sell their knockoff, poor quality products.  Don’t be fooled by good looking pictures.  It is better to purchase from a local person that takes pictures all on their own than to purchase from a company that uses online images that look good.

Moms Should Choose These Floors for Kids Spaces

One of the biggest challenges that mothers face is ensuring that their kids are safe. It gets even worse if the kids are overactive or naughty, and they require closer supervision. Failure to do this could lead to the kids getting hurt or injuring themselves. This is because they might not be in a state of mind to figure out when some things could be harmful to them. One of the things that mothers have to look out for is the flooring in their children’s spaces. With the floors, you not only have to consider their safety but also the durability. In this article, we are going to look at some of the floors that moms should choose for their kid’s spaces.

Moms Should Choose These Floors for Kids Spaces
Moms Should Choose These Floors for Kids Spaces


A carpeted floor isn’t only comfortable, it is also protective, but it needs to be chosen carefully. Go for one that is easy to clean since you don’t want one that will be difficult to remove, such as a wall to wall carpet, which could easily become home to dust mites, mold, and mildew, which are perfect symptoms for asthma and allergies. You should also go for carpets that are free of VOCs, e.g. Cotton and wool.


One of the biggest advantages of wood is that it can last for long when well taken care of, and it is easy to clean. They will wear at some point but they would have played their part by then. There are different types of woods that all sell at different prices, also determined by the sort of finish one is after.


People that are into eco-friendly ventures should go for this more affordable, strong and durable option of bamboo. It is one of the cheapest flooring options and yet it is a completely organic product that doesn’t rely on pesticides or fertilizers to grow.


Cork is warm and soft, and it is also anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, making it the perfect choice for the kid’s floor material. It is also eco-friendly, consisting of bark that is removed from the cork tree without harming the tree. It is also the perfect insulation for any space.


Laminate is an affordable, fairly long lasting, scratch resistant and easy to install material that is perfect for kid’s spaces. Avoid the ones with VOCs or other emissions.

Floormania – Spotted Gum Solid Timber Flooring

When looking for the best flooring, go for the best quality at the best prices, and with the best service. This means going for a reputable flooring company like Floormania. Among the types of floors offered by the company include the spotted gum flooring, which refers to a wooden floor with a grain structure that has a striking quality. Below are some of the different spotted gum flooring options you can choose from:

  • Solid Timber Flooring
  • American Oak
  • Blackbutt
  • Blue Gum
  • Brushbox
  • Cherry Mahogany
  • Flooded Gum
  • French Oak
  • Grey Box
  • Grey Gum
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Karri


There are many floors that are suitable for kids that can be installed into their spaces, as you have noted above. Visit Floormania and they will gladly provide you with the sort of floors you’re after.

The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes for Moms

It is the dream of every woman to have beautiful skin. As much as most of the time the skin is a reflection of what is going on in the body, the kind of care that you give your skin will also affect the condition of your skin. One of the skin must-haves for beautiful skin is a facial brush. Not only does it clean the skin but it gets to the pores to make sure that it is clean and blemish free. When it comes to facial brushes, there are mainly two types based on the material that has been used to make them, there is the silicone facial brush and the bristle facial brush. They all have their pros and cons and that is one makes people prefer one type over the other.

The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes for Moms
The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes for Moms

Silicone brushes

They tend to be very gentle on the skin and are less likely to irritate your skin. They are best suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to that, silicone brushes do not trap dirt or mold and hence you can be confident that the brush will not transfer the dirt to your skin. Unlike the bristle type of brushes, with silicone brushes, you don’t have to replace the heads. In terms of price, silicone brushes are much cheaper and are more durable. They, therefore, give more value for money.

Bristle facial brushes

The cleanse the skin by use of bristles. As compared to silicone brushes, bristle brushes tend to be harder due to their bristles which are firm. The bristles, however, tend to lose their firmness with time making them soft. With time you might have to replace the brush head. Since bristle brushes are firmer, they are best suitable for deep exfoliation. They are taking care of clogged dirt, dead skin and blocked pores revealing a fresh breathing face.  They are generally more thorough comparatively.  You, however, need to clean the brush from time to time as they give a conducive environment for dirt and bacteria buildup. You should also not use the brush head for too long before replacing it.

Apart from the two main types f brushes, there are many other factors that moms should consider when they are looking for a facial cleansing brush. They include:

Condition of the skin

If one has an acne prone skin or sensitive skin, they need to choose a brush accordingly. You can find an acne face brush or a brush that has integrated anti-bacterial technology.

Personal needs

As individuals, different people have different needs. It is therefore important to assess your needs prior.  That will include: How often you plan to use the brush? If you care about technology and you would want one that can sync with an app, how often are you willing to do replacements, etc. Once you have defined your needs you can delve into the market and get a brush that will best match your needs.

The Best Courses for Moms In Need Of Career Advancement

Experts believe that the first three years of a child’s life is the most important.  In these years, children undergo the most physical and mental development and the way they are raised could affect their mental and intellectual state for the rest of their lives.  Lots of mothers prefer to take a break from their work, studies and career paths during these first few years of their little one’s life in order to ensure that their children get the best possible care.

While you are taking a break from your career you should keep in mind that you will need to bounce back into work life once your little one is old enough.  This time is the best time to reevaluate your future.  Are you still happy in your current career or would you like to pursue a career in an entirely different direction?  There are lots of courses moms can take to develop their work skills so they can earn a higher income or switch over to a more desirable work type in the future.  Here are some of the best courses moms can consider when they are in need of career advancement.

The Best Courses for Moms In Need Of Career Advancement
The Best Courses for Moms In Need Of Career Advancement

Hr Law Training

This course covers the Basics of HR Law and is ideal for moms that have an interest in law studies, management studies or accounting studies.  The course covers several laws, rights acts and more and is perfect for HR employees, veteran staffers, supervisors or for any mom in the recruiting, management or law industry.

Management & Leadership Skills

This course is perfect for first-time supervisors and managers.  If you always dreamt of starting your own business or want to get into supervision and management then you can certainly look into applying for this course.

First Aid Course

This is one course that should be compulsory to all mothers.  Little ones tend to get into trouble quite a lot and first aid skills can help moms care for their little ones much better.  These courses could even help you save your own child’s life.

Photography Course

Photography courses are excellent whether you are looking to make a career out of this skill or simply need to take good shots of your own kids.  This is a good course from which all mothers can benefit for many years to come.

E-Commerce Store

Lots of moms start their own businesses from home simply so they can be there for their kids as they grow.  If you have a good idea for a home business then you can definitely look into running a course on E-commerce store management.  A marketing course can also be invaluable to help you market your online store effectively.

YouTube Career

Lots of people are using YouTube to document their lives or to make some money.  If you want to start using YouTube as a career then you can run a YouTube course to find out what the best ways are of getting followers and populating your channel.

Hair Maintenance Tips

When it comes to proper hair maintenance, there are all sorts of advice that are flying all over, it is almost impossible to tell what will work, and what won’t. It is hard to tell what sorts of conditioners to use, oils to apply, what foods to eat, and a host of other things. When it comes to the foods to eat, you’ll want to try foods that are rich in iron and proteins. This includes foods like fish, beans, cereals, and veggies, among other things. In this article, we are going to take a look at some hair maintenance tips that will help you have healthy hair.

Hair Maintenance Tips
Hair Maintenance Tips
  • Losing a number of strands of hair on a daily basis isn’t something to make you panic.
  • Hair is fragile and should, therefore, be combed with care, and extremely if it is wet. A comb with broad teeth is best used, combing it from the roots to the ends gently.
  • In order to get rid of split ends, you should try and trim the hair occasionally.
  • It isn’t advisable to wash hair on a daily basis, and when you happen to wash the hair, make sure to use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.
  • For the best strength and shine, it is highly recommended to wash the conditioner off with cold water.
  • You might want to read the label on the back of shampoo bottles to find out what properties it has. Most shampoos have sulfate, which is the cause of the lather and also known to clean the scalp. This sulfate, however, is also responsible for washing off important minerals / essential hair oils and also responsible for that stinging effect in your eyes whenever it rolls down your face. You might want to avoid these sulfate-based shampoos if you feel these effects.
  • You might want to avoid hair coloring and instead opt for other hair lightening products such as lemon, honey, and chamomile tea. This is because hair coloring isn’t good for dry hair.

KC Professional Chocolate Color Mask Reconstructive Treatment – Toning Conditioner for Brown Hair

Still, on hair treatment, we are now going to review a color depositing conditioner brown, the KC Professional Chocolate Color Mask Reconstructive Treatment. This is a treatment that makes the shade of your hair deeper, coming with provitamin B5 and keratin derivatives for that extra protection, reconstructing and treating damaged hair. You have an option of 16 unique shades to choose from. This is a sulfate free conditioner, meaning that it won’t take away essential oils or make your eyes itch.


  • Works for warm, medium brown hair
  • Comes with provitamin B5 and keratin derivatives for protection and reconstruction
  • Available in 16 unique shades
  • Sulfate free
  • For the darker shades, use protective gloves


Proper hair maintenance is important as a part of your overall good health. There are hundreds of products that we can use, but we should always check out their composition to make sure we are using the right products, such as sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

The Basic Functions of a Mother in the Home

Many people can’t imagine what their homes would have been like without their mothers. This is probably because the mother is like the heart of the home. She is the one that is always there for the children, cooking, dressing them, helping out with their homework, and all sorts of other functions. She is pivotal in the disciplining of those on the wrong, and should a child catch that flu, she is the one that will rush them to the doctors. in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the basic functions of a mother in the home.

The Basic Functions of a Mother in the Home
The Basic Functions of a Mother in the Home

The Mother is the “Heart” of the Home

While the husband is referred to is the head of the house, the wife is the heart of the marriage. In order for the body to function well, it has got to have both the heart and the head. This means that the wife is just as important in the family, as the husband, and she is there to help him make important family decisions.

The “Light” of Learning

A mother is someone that knows how to listen to her children. In the very same capacity, she knows the exact character qualities she expects them to be, the academic qualifications she expects them to get, and the practical skills that the kids need to learn to get by in life. The skills are probably best provided by the father with the assistance of the mother.

She is a “Learner-Teacher”

Mothers learn along with their children by encouraging them. This is likely to even make the kids surpass their parent’s expectations. The mothers should help the kids with the things that they don’t understand, even if it means calling in professionals. At the same time, they should train the older kids to assist the younger ones in their academics.

She is a “Creative Recorder”

Learning is best backed up by documentation, and in the event that children learn large amounts of material or information, the mother should find creative ways to summarize or condense them. This can be done through charts, books, graphs, and records. This will make the kids more motivated, as well as boost their creativity, neatness, and accuracy among other qualities.

She Coordinates Responsibilities

Assigning responsibilities can be quite a challenge, but the trick that a mother can use in this instance is to make the chores fun.

Buy Parquetry Flooring Online

We have been talking about the home, and now we will shift to the house. It is important to have a house that is comfortable and inviting. One way of doing this is by using the best materials when building or renovating it. One such material is parquetry flooring. Get Floors is a company that deals in different types of flooring, including parquetry flooring, which you can buy online from their store. They have a wide range of parquetry products and designs to suit all needs. They are available in two dimensions so as to make designing easy.


A home wouldn’t feel the same without a mother because of all the reasons that we have mentioned above and more. Neither would it feel great without great finishing in the rooms using products like the parquet flooring from Get Floors.

How Stay At Home Mums Can Make Money

Every mum has a dream of staying at home but being able to make money at the same time. With that, they have freedom of their time and at least they can easily look after the young ones. Luckily it is much easier to make money in the current age than it was many years ago, it all depends on your interest and the skills you have. Some of the ways in which stay at home mums can make extra income include:

How Stay At Home Mums Can Make Money
How Stay At Home Mums Can Make Money

Do a hobby

Different moms have different hobbies and good thins is that they can earn money for them. There are different hobbies that you can earn from including writing, cooking, baking, knitting, photography, and crafting among many more. What you need to do as a mum is to identify what you love doing as a mum then capitalizes on that. With the different social media channels, people will get to know about your products in no time and you will be good to go.

Be a social media manager

With the rise of social media, nearly all companies are obliged to have a social media presence. The best part if that not all companies are able to manage their social media on their own and they will need someone to do that for them. A stay at home mum who is tech savvy can take advantage of this and manage the social media pages of different companies and earn from it.

Take surveys

There are many companies that are willing to pay you to give them an opinion on their products. That explains why there are many online survey sites. You can take advantage of that and participate in the surveys. Many will pay in the form of cash, gift vouchers, and coupons. The amount of pay will depend on the task, the site, and many other things.

Start a blog

If you don’t have a blog already, you can start one out and share your experiences or expertise there. You will, however, have to decide on a good niche since the niche will influence your success rate. As much as sex, money, and love are the ones that sell the most, there are many other successful niches. For example, you can start a parenting blog and do just fine. Your main aim should be giving people value and high-quality content. Where there are value people will always come back.  With blogs, the more the traffic the better it will be for you. Then you can monetize it and start earning money from it.

Play games

This is one of the easiest ways of earning money. Not only do you have fun playing the game but you also earn something from it. There are many sites that will reward you for playing a game and if you need tips on the games to be sure to check on Real Money Earning Games Tips. With the right tips, you are good to go.