Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Moana Family Movie Night!

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As a family, we LOVE Movie Nights! What is better than cuddling up with daddy, mommy, or brother and sister to watch there favorite things while snacking on some yummy popcorn! My son and I go crazy over movie nights! My son has never watched Moana before, so I thought that would be interesting for him. He ended up loving it! I was surprised how much he sat there and watched it! We cuddled and watched the entire movie together! 

We received lots of goodies to play with on our super fun day! We ate some great snacks and had a great family movie night party! We spent last Saturday night watching an adorable movie that sends a strong message about family. I fell in love with this movie, it is such an adorable kids movie yet attracts many adults as well. 

We snacked on a popcorn that we made together the day before. It is a recipe passed down from a friend. It is super easy to make, but even more delicious! I loved being able to share one of my friends recipes with my family and bond while we all pitch in and make it together. What was even better, was getting to all snack on it while we cuddle up to Moana!

For the first time I used the Disney Anywhere App and a Digital Code on my Chromecast to watch Moana. I thought that was pretty neat. I never have heard of the Disney Anywhere App before, it is super convenient for children who want to watch their favorite movies! 

A little bit about Moana

Moana is an adventurous, tenacious and compassionate 16-year-old who is struggling to find her true self. While her father, Chief Tui, guides her to follow in his footsteps and lead their island one day, Moana is drawn to the sea. At Chief Tui’s behest, the people of her village are forbidden to go beyond the safety of the reef, yet the open ocean seems to beckon Moana. “It doesn’t seem possible for her to fulfill her heart’s desire and  she'll be true to her people and her culture,” says director Ron Clements. “She descended from navigators, but she doesn’t know it—yet.” When her island is threatened by a terrible darkness, Moana breaks her father’s rules and sets sail on an epic adventure to save her people and find the answers she’s been searching for her whole life. Says director John Musker, “She is inspired to solve the problem of this world that has been haunng them and has made voyaging impossible. If she can face this problem that’s plagued them for a thousand years, perhaps voyaging could resume.” “She is a strong hero who sets out to retrieve what her people lost a long me ago,” says producer Osnat Shurer. “This isn’t a love story—it’s ac on, adventure, fun and drama. Moana wants to save the world—literally—even though she’s just about the only person who realizes it needs saving. She’s a powerful role model for today’s audiences.”

I love finding movies that show you child something. The main message I received from Moana is Family is Forever. This is a strong message I will make sure my son knows. My son loved playing with the toys that we also received. He just Loves playing as he is a part of Moana as we watch it! I thought it was TOO cute! He was so excited, and the excitement I seen in his face while watching this movie was priceless. 

Moana is available to purchase at a store near you! 


  1. I am on my way to buy Moana !!I was born in Hawaii so it will be extra special to me. Disney movies are the best !! Looks like a rainy family movie night for us !!