Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cozy On Up With a Cozy Cocoon!

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When my son was a baby we always had the hardest time calming him or trying to get him to sleep. With my godchild that has no longer been a problem with Cozy Cocoon. Cozy Cocoon safely swaddle your child to get them calm and sleep easily. When swaddling a baby it gives them a cozy, womb-like feeling which help prevents reflex that will wake your child up. 

I love how light weight, soft, and very breathable these swaddle blankets are. Which is great for new born babies and even older babies! These Cozy Cocoon come in two sizes 0-3 Months (6-12 lbs) and 3-6 Months (13-18 lbs), which is a great compared to most other swaddle blankets. These are so prettily designed , I was super excited and impressed. Upon using this for my godchild, he slept way longer than he normally would, My Sister In Law was so impressed. 

Cozy Cocoon has so many beautiful prints, great for boys and girls. There is no doubt that you would not find the perfect print or prints for you! 

Here are 7 ways Cozy Cocoon® is different from other swaddles:
  1. Slip-On Design. Cozy Cocoon’s unique design makes swaddling super fast and super easy: Simply slip it onto baby like a sock!
  2. No Unraveling. Those big, square swaddles are intimidating for moms and dads ... and hard to use. It’s like doing origami on a baby … with the baby wriggling the whole time! Plus, traditional swaddles unravel … unlike simple, slip-on Cozy Cocoons.
  3. No Irritations. Other swaddles on the market are bland-looking contraptions that wrap, strap, zip or snap into place, which can irritate babies’ sensitive skin. In contrast, Cozy Cocoons have ZERO uncomfortable zippers, snaps, straps or tags.
  4. Adorable, Premium-Quality Designs. Each Cozy Cocoon® is made from soft, stretchy, premium-quality fabric, and Cozy Cocoons come in a variety of super-cute designs, including Tuxedo (complete with tails!),Little Prince, Little Princess, Tassels & Bows, Sock Monkey, Pink Dots, Chevron, Baby Blue, Baby Pink and ... most dads’ favorite: the Football!
  5. Easy Diaper Access. You have to remove traditional swaddles to change a baby’s diaper – but not Cozy Cocoon®. Cozy Cocoon®features quick, easy Flip-Down Diaper Access™ so parents can change a diaper while their little one stays snuggly, calm and warm.
  6. Safe for Developing Hips. The biggest controversy with traditional swaddles (the reason some doctors even recommend against swaddling) is that parents can swaddle their babies too tightly and restrict hip/leg movement, which can cause hip development issues … even hip dysplasia. In contrast, Cozy Cocoons allow babies to move their legs freely!
  7. Matching Hat. You not only get an adorable, super easy swaddle: Every Cozy Cocoon® also comes with a matching hat to keep babies warm and cozy.

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