Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Comfort With DuoGreen's Desk Chair

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As a blogger, I spend many hours at my desk. I was looking for a comfortable yet durable chair for my desk. I did not want anything to bulky. I actually received this desk chair for my son, however I find with me being a smaller person it fit me perfectly! 

Once I got these in, I attempted to put them together by myself. To my surprise, I easily did this on my own within minutes. It was easy to put together and the instructions are easy to follow. It is just hard getting pieces on correctly. I was not strong enough to tighten them securely, I needed my two year old son's help! (Totally kidding, I could do it all alone. However my adorable helper insisted on helping!) 

With many different color options, I was excited to get to choose the perfect color to match my office. I went with the Cool Gray, that way no matter if I change my office theme later, I could easily still use this chair. 

I was super impressed with the comfort this chair offers. The cushioned back support really helps with neck pains, shoulder pains, back pains, muscle fatigue, rounded shoulders, slouching or even headaches. I loved being able to sit comfortably while I work on my blog or while I am being crafty! 

Since this chair is made for children, my two year old also loves sitting in it. It is a little big for him, however he will grow nicely into it. He is excited to share his chair with mommy! 

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