Friday, February 3, 2017

Table & Chair set from Best Choice Products is Perfect for my Toddler!

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I have an two year old son, so I am always looking for awesome things to add to his room, or that will make him feel special! This table was just that! I was very surprised to see the size, and the stability of this table! My dad is a carpenter and he was shocked with how durable this was also! He said I could not have gotten a better piece for this price! A young child likes to have things "his size", so it was perfect for him to reach! This sturdy, durable, long lasting table was a perfect addition to my sons room. This table has a very stunning quality to it. Very kid friendly, unlike most other furniture pieces I have ever seen. It was also very well designed.
Upon receiving this package, I did notice that this was packaged very nicely so that nothing could possible get damaged while getting delivered.
This table is VERY adorable, and great for kids with it being a kid friendly size. This is a great addition to your child's room, your kitchen, or playroom. We decided to add this to our playroom. My son has a toy kitchen, so a table was the perfect addition! 

I took one look at this and said, I am giving this to my father to put together! With him being a contractor, it was very easy for him to put together. He did not have to follow the instructions. He did say, that I could of easy done it though. He looked at the instructions and told me I could of done it without the instructions! But it is easier with his professional tools. It came with all of the parts, nothing was missing. I was highly impressed. As a carpenter, he was impressed with how well this was, the durability, and the ease of putting it together.

This is great for playing or eating. Your child can easily sit at this table and feel like a "big kid" or they can play with playdoh, etc and have lots of fun!

Me and my son both really enjoy this and how much it gets used. 

Purchase the Table & Chair set from Best Choice Products, Walmart, or Sears

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