Friday, February 24, 2017

Rock out with the Trolls BoomBox!

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If you have a daughter, you know the hype about TROLLS! My friends daughter has been super obsessed with trolls lately! When I got this in, I knew she would love it. Boy oh Boy did she! She went head over heels for this! She was so excited, she immediately put on an adorable show for everyone! She rocked the show might I add! She had such a fun time singing and dancing to her favorite Trolls songs! 
 This adorable Trolls Boombox is perfect for your Troll Lover! They can easily sing along ti the built in music! They also can plug in a MP3 and perform anything they desire! Watching your child sing along to their favorite Trolls Song or a different song is one of the cutest things ever! 

My son was even a fan of this! Besides it being pink, he loved singing to it! 

The quality of the boombox itself was awesome. I was highly impressed. You could honestly tell it was made very durable and long lasting. They must know how tough kids can be! 

The Dreamworks Trolls Rock N' Troll Boombox Features:

Sing along to built-in music
Fun phrases from Trolls
Includes real, working microphone
Connects to MP player
Storage compartment in back for MP player

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