Friday, February 24, 2017

Have Fun Swinging with Geospace!

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My two year old son is a huge fan of outdoors! He loves all sorts of outdoor activities, but I think his favorite is a play set! Since we do not have our own play set, we recently received a swing for my son to enjoy! My dad, who is a contractor, custom built a play set that we added this swing too!
My son was so excited to try out his new swing. After easily setting up, we noticed how durable, well made, and great quality this swing was! Geospace has really out did them selves! My son has never been a huge fan of baby swings, but he LOVES Big Boy swings as he calls them! He needs a little help getting on and off, and of course he wants you to push him. He loves swinging, and I love the extra bonding time I get while pushing him! 

This swing is super easy to set up. Just secure the ends of the sturdy polypropylene rope to a tree limb or horizontal bar and you've got an instant swing set! The long 17" ergonomic seat is made of durable polymer, and also comes with two attached 5' lines for easy hook up!

Youngsters have always loved the weightless sensation of swinging, one of the oldest childhood pastimes. Here's the easiest and simplest way to set up a swing in your yard (or inside your home). just secure the ends of the sturdy polypropylene rope to a tree limb or horizontal bar (or through eye bolts screwed into the top of a door jamb) and you're got an instant swing set without the cost and space-sucking Dimensions of a full-blown set. The 17"-long ergonomic seat, made of a durable Polymer, comes with two attached 5' lines, for hours of soothing, rhythmic, aerial joy.

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  1. This would be great for my girls. Thanks for sharing!