Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Looking For a Great Teenage Boy Gift? #GuyGifts #iConnectIM

This post was made possible by iConnect and Old Spice. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

These days it is extreamly hard to shop for teenage boys! I should know, I have to brothers who I have had the hardest time shopping for this holiday season. I mean what do you get high school boys who have everything? 

My two little brothers are all about the girls lately. So what do they want? To dress up to impress them, of course! That all starts with the hair. Coming across Old Spice Hair Products, I knew that would make the perfect gifts for them. 

After giving my brothers a few Old Spice Hair Products, they tried them out for school one day. They both loved them more than I ever thought they would! They went on and on about not only how amazing it held their hair, but also how perfect they smelled. They looked so manly with their hair all fixed, I am positive they got many compliments from the girls! 

In my Old Spice Stocking I got:

Old Spice Pomade – Provides Moderate Hold and Low Shine Finish, for hair that’s reworkable, again and again and again and again ... and then again.

Old Spice Paste – Medium Hold and Textured Finish, for hair that just wants to mess around. Natural, casual and relaxed like you just got out of bed all day long.

Old Spice Putty – High Hold and Low Shine Finish, for hair that’s sturdy, yet shapeable. But not silly ... that’s a different kind of putty.

Old Spice Fiber Wax – Flexible Hold and Shine, for versatile hair that always bounces back – similar to the greatest comeback story ever told about great hair.

Old Spice Forming Creme – Natural Hold and Shine, for hair that doesn’t try too hard because it doesn’t have to. Relax and take your foot off the gas – your hair’s in the driver’s seat.

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