Thursday, December 29, 2016

Get Toned, Easily in 10 Minutes a Day!

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Everyone makes goals to "work out" with the New Year, Right?? Getting the BCP Dual Motor Full Body 3D Vibration Platform W/ Bluetooth Audio Connection Fitness Exercise Machine really helped me jump start my work out goal before the new year! Its never to early to start!! 

This was a perfect start for my work out goals! The 3D Vibration Platform was perfect to get me thinking about working out! This platform is designed for a 10 Minute Body work out! The Vibration is a great way to work out because it helps physically and mentally. The vibration helps with stress and better balance. 

This set is designed with a dual motor and a removable mat that is washable. Perfect for if you sweat to much, it is easily cleaned! The 3D Vibration Platform also includes 2 resistance bands for max upper body workout. My boyfriend uses that more than I do right now, however as I work my way up I plan to do some great exercises with it. 
I love that this has 3 cardio intensities. They have vibrations as if you are walking, jogging, or running. I am super excited about how easily and fast I am getting toned from doing a quick 10 minute workout daily! 

My son loves to copy Mommy, so as you can see in the picture he loves standing on the platform as he is also working out. (I make sure it is turned off before he gets on)

Purchase or see more information on Best Choice Products, Sears, or Walmart.

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