Monday, December 5, 2016

Get a Good Nights Rest with YogaBed

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As someone who has suffered from back problems her entire life, I am always on the look out for a fantastic mattress. My boyfriend and I have always had mattress' passed down to us. We never selected our own. I was super excited to order and set up this amazing YogaBed Queen Mattress. I was highly impressed with how easily this mattress was to set up. Honestly, when this arrived I was a little iffy. I was so shocked with how small the box was. I even told my boyfriend, there is NO way they have a mattress in that box! 

To my surprise, we opened the box and easily set up our mattress. I was amazed by how much I feel in love with this mattress. The YogaBed Unplug mattress has a 2" top layer of YogaGel memory foam. Under the memory foam it has 8" breathable foam base. I can honestly say I have never slept on a mattress so comfortable in my life. 

The YogaBed is extremely soft and comfortable. I honestly never want a different mattress in my house. I would love to switch all my mattress to the YogaBed! The YogaBed Queen mattress runs for about $599. If you look at the competition, it is not a bad price. Especially with the amazing quality it has. This mattress is very well made, I was honestly super shocked and impressed. 

After sleeping on this mattress, I never want to get up! This mattress is perfect. It has honestly helped my back pain minimize. My boyfriend even continues to state how comfortable this mattress is.  He was also impressed with the purchasing and delivery. It all happened so fast and easy! We both loved that we did not have to deal with a sales person. The customer support was so great and easy to talk to. If I need to purchase another mattress soon, I will no doubt purchase the YogaBed. 

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  1. I have a backache issue. Is it fine to use this?

  2. That bed looks like it's so good. I just bought a new one but this one and the 2inches of gel would be so ideal for me!

    Danielle | <3