Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get Creative with The Crayon Factory

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My son loves coloring! As a two year old, he gets so excited when I tell him we can color! Of course, we always use crayola! Growing up, Crayola was always around. I was excited that it is such a well known name brand, that has been around for years and is still around! I love finding out that Crayola is coming out with new items! 

Crayola is so much more than just crayons these days. I noticed the new hit toy was a Crayon Factory. I was confused at what this even was when I received it. Opening it up, I realized how awesome it really was. The Crayon Factory lets you recycle old crayon bits into new colorful crayons that are shaped fun for kids! 

My son loved making car crayons out of old broken crayons. He was amazed and loved creating them. He could do it over and over again until he ran out of old crayons to use. 

The crayon factory works with most standard sized crayons. We never had a problem with it not excepting a crayon! My son makes different shaped crayons over and over again easily. All he needs is old crayon bits. He sticks them into the correct area, and feeds it in as he watches it melt and transform into a crayon figurine! 

Package Contents:

Base unit, Plug-in adapter, 8 full-sized crayons, 3 molds, Standard crayon size wrapper ripper, Instruction sheet

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