Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let Kids Listen to Music Comfortably with Cozy Phones

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My son loves watching movies or listening to music, however he hates the big bulky headphones. The Cozy Phones have been amazing, my son loves them! They are not only adorable, but they fit my son perfectly and comfortably. These fit like a headband, securing them to my sons head without having them fall off constantly. The speakers are inside the headband which connects to a braided cable! 

I was shocked my son kept this on as long as he did! He did not once try to even take them off, I guess they are extremely comfy! I easily feel in love with these cozy phones! They are super convenient for long car rides! These are great for on the go use! 

We were sent the Whatif Monster, my son thought it was adorable. He loved the monster and I thought it was very unique! These are unlike any other head phones I have ever seen. I was highly impressed with the amazing durability and stunning quality. 

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  1. This is pretty cool, beats those bulky headphones for sure.