Friday, November 4, 2016

Have a Mustang Lover? This is a MUST!

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With Christmas around the corner, we are on the look out for the top toys! This Remote Control Mustang was super fun and entertaining for sure! My son loves that the doors actually open on the car, not many remote control cars have that kind of feature! It was unique but very cool! We absolutely loved this car!
With my son being two, the remote was a little high tech for him, however my boyfriend had a blast playing with it! The foot pedal made this car feel so realistic while driving. My son loved watching the car go all over the place! With my boyfriend driving it around and my son watching, it entertained both of them for hours! They had a blast playing with this indoors and outdoors! 
I was so impressed with how much this looked like a real Mustang! This car was very well made! I was shocked with the durability and stunning high quality materials its made of. We love that this car has functioning head and rear lights, real engine sounds, as well as the working doors! 

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