Friday, November 18, 2016

Fuzion does it again, Check out the amazing Spinner Shark!

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With Christmas right around the corner I was looking for the perfect gift for my little cousin. Living in Louisiana, we are ALWAYS outside having fun. Coming across Fuzion Spinner Shark, I was super excited. The minute I saw it I knew this was the perfect gift for him! 

Fuzion made an incredible toy for kids! The Spinner Shark is a very durable drifting knee board that is super fun! My nephew who is 6 just loved playing with this! The Spinner Shark was designed to perform ground-shredding and tail-whipping in a playground and neighborhood sidewalk with its rear caster wheels! This board is powered by a pumping action that is on the deck! I was highly impressed with the Spinner Shark and the way it held up so nicely! 

The Fuzion Spinner Shark has been the hot item at our house lately. All the kids want to ride it. They can't get enough of how fun it is. This made the best gift and I could not of been happier with this! I love watching how excited and happy the kids are when having so much fun riding this! This is such a perfect outside toy for our Hot Louisiana Summer days! 

  • Composite Low profile deck offering balance, stability and comfort while performing drifts and power slides
  • Dual wheel braking system for safe and precise stopping
  • Heavy duty steel frame and cast urethane wheels
  • Innovative Drifting Kneeboard featuring 360°rear caster wheels
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  1. All my kids would have a blast with this, looks fun.

  2. I know the kids would love that Spinner Shark. Wondering if there is a weight limit, because it looks like great fun.

  3. That looks awesome. I had something similar (but not nearly as cool) when I was a kid and it was a favorite.