Friday, November 4, 2016

Bring Debbie Meyer into your Kitchen!

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As a family of three, we over cook A LOT! We are always saving left overs. I was looking for something that would keep my food fresh. Coming across the UltraLite GreenBoxes from Debbie Meyer, I was ecstatic! These are exactly what I have been needing and wanting! The UltraLight GreenBoxes are very thin and easily stack-able! Which is perfect for storing since we always have tons of left overs! 

As a mom, I was thrilled learning that UltraLite GreenBoxes™ are laboratory tested and proven to extend the life of produce, baked goods, and snacks! I was also super excited to find out that these containers are BPA free, microwave safe, as well as dishwasher safe! 

From storing our left overs in these rather than other containers or ziplocks, I noticed our food lasted much longer and was extremely fresh! I loved the variety of sizes this pack came with! I have the perfect container when storing anything now! 

Learning about Debbie Meyer Products, I found out that they had a ton of great items! An item that has quickly became my favorite was the CakeCutters! If you are like me, cutting a perfect slice of cake is HARD! That is no longer the case with Debbie Meyer's Perfect CakeCutters! 

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™

  • This set includes (3) 16-ounce containers and lids, (6) 24-ounce containers and lids, (5) 32-ounce containers and lids, and (2) 64-ounce containers and lids
  • Help preserve the freshness and prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, baked goods and snacks with these revolutionary storage boxes
  • These containers were designed to be stackable and nestable to make storage easy.
  • Made from BPA-free material.
  • These tupperware are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Debbie Meyer CakeCutters™

  • This slicer cuts and serves the perfect piece of cake everytime without having to touch the cake with your hands.
  • This is a stainless steel cutter with contoured wooden handles designed for a comfortable grip
  • Works perfectly on sheet cakes, coffee cakes, or any other rectangular cake.
  • Features no sharp edges to provide safety and protection to whoever is using it.
  • This cutter is dishwaher safe in the top rack only.


  1. These storage containers are very impressive. I am looking forward to ging them a try! Thank you.

  2. Love these, the cake cutter looks perfect....i can't cut a cake or pie to look good.