Monday, October 24, 2016

3D MotoKits Review

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My son loves playing with cars and airplanes. When I came across 3D-Motokits I was pretty excited. My son was a little young to build them, however he loved that I built them and he got to play with them. He did have to be careful with them as they would come apart easy of he was ruff. 
The 3D-Motokits are very fun and not to bad to put together. I love that you do not need tools or glue, you can easily just use your hands to put it together. From the flat sheets, punch out of the perforated
pieces, assemble, insert the wind-up mechanism and let it go!

3D Motokits come in Dinosaurs, Animals, Construction, and Military .  The dinosaurs and animals walk and the construction and military vehicles roll. I was so impressed with these 3D-Motokits. I love how easy they are to put together, although it does take a little bit of concentration. 

The four series of 3D-MotokitsTM available are:

  • Dinosaur Series 1– let your kids build all their favorites like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus.
  • Animals Series 1– bring the zoo to life with pandas, tigers, elephants and gorillas.
  • Construction Series 1– the basics needed to get any construction job done including: backhoes, dumpers, forklifts and loaders.
  • Military Series 1– featuring classic military vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jet fighters and fighter planes.

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