Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Princess Cupcake Jones Review

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My niece loves reading about princesses! She is thrilled to discover an all new princess! My niece could really relate to Cupcake Jones, she too loved her tutu and playing with her toys. I love that this princess story teaches to clean up. With Cupcake Jones having her tutu go missing, she has to tidy up to find it. My niece pointed out that if it was clean she would know where it is at. 

My niece loved reading this book, and she does over and over again all the time. My niece is a dancer, so the fact that this book revolves around a princess dancer my niece is ecstatic. She could not have loved this book more. 

Cupcake Jones is a modern day princess, who like many girls, loves her tutu and playing with her toys! Follow Princess Cupcake Jones in her first book, Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu. In this adventure, when her beloved tutu goes missing, Cupcake learns the importance of tidying up and putting things in their proper place. In her second book, Princess Cupcake Jones Won't Go To School, Princess Cupcake Jones must face her fear of the first day of school. Both stories deal with valuable lessons that parents will appreciate, all in a gentle, rhyming cadence that children will enjoy! 

What makes this children’s series stand out from the rest is that Ylleya was struck by the limited number of titles featuring African American characters. Taking her passion for writing and blending both of her daughter’s images and personalities together, she created the celebrity loved series and has shown that through the fun and priceless Princess Cupcake Jones adventures! Just in time for back to school and the holiday season, the Cleveland native just released the 4th book of the series, “Princess Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital” proving that even as a young kid, you can overcome any obstacle with hard work and dedication.


  1. This is so adorable ,love the title and the premise of the story.

  2. This is so adorable ,love the title and the premise of the story.

  3. Cute book! Would make a great gift!