Tuesday, September 20, 2016

OOlala Slide Sandal - Black & Seafoam Green Review

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As a mother of a toddler who loves to play outside, I was in need of some shoes I can easily and comfortably slip on and off! We are always back and forth from inside to out. I hate wearing shoes inside, so I know I was looking for some that could be quickly taken on and off. I did however, want something more comfortable than an ordinary flip flop! 

 Coming across OOFOS, I was ecstatic. Getting these in and really feeling how comfortable they were, made me so excited. I was shocked by how well made these shoes were. I knew they were going to last me years. They had so many color and style options, but I feel for the black and green slide on sandles. I loved these for easy slip on and off, plus the color could match a good bit of clothes. 

I love finding shoes that are comfortable, easy, stylish, and that are going to last me a long time. With how long I know these are going to last me, I don't mind spending the price. 

Details from OOFOS. 

While initially designed to help athletes recover quickly from their sport of choice, OOFOS footwear is perfect for busy moms on-the-go and older kids who are active and need comfy shoes to slip into. 

OOFOS are made of a material called OOfoam that is 37% more impact-absorbing than traditional foams found in most footwear. What this means is that while most shoes are designed to help propel you forward, OOFOS does the opposite.  By absorbing impact with every step, OOFOS helps take the stress off of the feet, legs and back, helping the wearer feel better.  In fact, “make yOO feel better” is OOFOS’ mission!

As many parents and children are gearing up for back to school, OOFOS footwear is the perfect shoe to invest in and to feature in any upcoming back-to-school or mom gear guides that you may be working on. The shoes come in a variety of styles and colors and we even make a clog to wear through those chilly fall and winter months.  

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