Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Diaper Genie Expressions Review

I received the Diaper Genie Expressions from Diaper Genie for free, to talk about my honest opinion. 

As a mother, I want the best for my baby! I want his nursery to be more than perfect. I never liked diaper pails, they were always so ugly and just blah. With the Diaper Genie Expressions, my son's nursery still looks incredibly stylish! I finally fell in love with a diaper pail! Not only is my son's room decorated adorably, but it doesn't smell horrible!!! I was so impressed to find out that the Diaper Genie holds up to 50 newborn diapers! You will not have to dump as much, however it still smells completely fresh! 

Seriously, what is worse than a stinky poop diaper in your trash??? NOTHING. Perfect reason to get a diaper genie pail to cover that STINK up!!! This diaper pail really keeps that nasty order trapped in. My house actually smells GOOD since using the Diaper Genie! 

With having a diaper pail near by, there is no longer a need to walk outside to throw the stinky diapers away! A huge plus about the Diaper Genie Expressions is that is goes with your nursery, it is designed so adorable. I honestly love all of the different option prints the Diaper Genie Expression has to choose from! I decided to go with the Gray Clovers first. I loved the soft feel it gave to the room, however it was still unique! With having so many options to choose from you can have the perfect addition to any adorable nursery! With the fabric sleeves being durable you can change them out multiple times with them still being in perfect shape! 

I easily feel in love with the diaper genie expressions for the ease of use as well! The diaper genie expressions is so simple to operate. I can open the pail, put the diaper in, and close the pail all with one hand. Perfect while changing a newborns diaper. 

A diaper pail is a MUST ADD on any baby registry! These come in handy so much! I was super impressed and eagerly excited about the Diaper Genie one. Not only is it designed well, but its durable and well made! 

Southern Mommas is a #DiaperGenieAmbassador. She was #paid to post this review on www.southernmommasreviews.com after she recieved her #freesample. 

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  1. thank you for the review. Id love to give a friend one of these. the fabric sleeves add a nice touch