Friday, September 23, 2016

Bioserie Shape Sorting and Stacking Cube Review

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As a mom, I am always on the look out for new toys for my son! I especially love educational ones, but also safe ones! Kids Preferred just came out with an all new plant based plastic collection from Bioserie! With having a god child who was just born, I was looking for a toy that he would love. After looking threw all the new Bioserie collection, I fell in love with the Shape Sorting and Stacking Cube! 

The Shape Sorting and Stacking Cube is great for babies six months and older, however younger is fine too. This cube has so many ways to play, as well as learn. Your baby can stack the pieces on top of each other, sort, or match the shape to the correct hole and put it into the cube. It also helps your child discover shape and size concepts. 

Being a mom, I love how easy this is to clean. Since my son always made messes I know how hard some of his toys were to clean. Especially since this is dishwasher safe, it is MOM approved!! 

I could watch my nephew play with this for hours. The different colors, shapes, and sizes kept his mind focused on playing. I was amazed by the durability and stunning quality. The Bioserie Collection was made to improve little ones’ coordination and motor skills without the risk of harmful chemicals.

These toys are completely free from: oil based chemicals and harmful substances such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Styrenes and heavy metals. Developed from durable and renewable plant-based plastic, each toy features amazing textures, colors and sounds to both stimulate and comfort your little one.
The first toys that Kids Preferred Bioserie collection are offering are a star-shaped baby teether, dumbell rattle, round rattle, a 2-in-1 stacker and a shape sorting and stacking cube all in simple colors with a stylish aesthetic. Practical, simple and durable for kids, peace of mind for parents.

Manufactured from 100% biobased materials!

Bioserie uses a special blend of modified PLA (Polylactic Acid) that contains no petrochemical additives. Modifiers ensure Bioserie products to be non-brittle and heat resistant. Several years of research and development on bioplastic injection moulding technology allows for the best possible product quality and finish.

No Petrochemicals!

Bioserie toys contain 0% oil-based chemicals, because our raw materials are derived from plants, not oil. We also do not add any oil-based chemicals during the manufacturing process to “enhance” the performance or color of our product, because we developed our own manufacturing technology to achieve the performance level we need without resorting to any oil-based chemical “enhancers”.
Even the coloring materials we use are specially developed for biopolymers; they are based on sustainable raw materials and meet several global industry and composting standards, including EN 13432 (European Union), ASTM D6400 (USA), BPS GREENPLA (Japan) and DIN CERTCO (Germany). Furthermore, we don’t just assume those oil-based toxic chemicals are not there, our products are tested and certified by trusted third parties to be free of any oil-based chemicals.

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