Friday, August 19, 2016

Tangle NightBall Reviews

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My son's favorite toy is currently any kind of ball. He is constantly playing baseball, football, soccer. You name it, he loves it! I work all day, so when we get home my son still wants to play when its dark outside. Coming across the NightBall was great. My son loves to play with this indoors and out. The NightBall is made with super bright LEDs, making it super bright in the night!  

As a mom, I love this for my son. When purchasing toys I love finding out that it is made of latex-free, pthalate-free, and non-toxic TPR material. I also love that this is water resistant, in case my son forgets it outside every now and then. It also floats in water, which is perfect for the pools! 

We received the Football, Soccer Ball, and the Disk. As my son throws or kicks each of these the brighter it lights up! My son has a blast watching the color light up. He tries to throw or kick it faster to make it light up faster. He really has a blast with these balls, they entertain him for hours. They also entertain my boyfriend. Which means these balls are great for two year olds up to at least twenty-five! These light up sports balls are really a blast for all ages. These are perfect to entertain the kids or the adults! 

The Football is super fun to play with during day or night. I was impressed with how durable and well made this was. I was excited to see that it was water resistant being it also was a light. This football has really became my sons, as well as boyfriends, favorite football owned. This would make an awesome present for any football lover. This football was the perfect size for my sons hands as well as my boyfriends. They both could easily throw and catch this with no problems at all. 
Our second favorite NightBall is the soccer ball. We got the large size which equals about the size of a 3 in normal soccer balls. It was perfect for my toddler and teenage brothers, but a little small for my boyfriend who is twenty-five. It was still very fun to play with, watching my son light up and have a blast with it was amazing. You could honestly see how much he loved this soccer ball. The Soccer night ball is also very durable and well made. We love that the more my son kicks, throws, and bounces this the more it lights up. 

The last NightBall we got was the Disk! It was perfect for beach nights, late parties, summer days, and so much more. You can do tricks with your flicks, this night disk is super fun to throw around. This disk is very easy to catch and super easy to throw. The super bright LEDs make it easy to see in the dark! This disk is great for the pool with it being able to float, and water resistant. We easily feel in love with the durability and stunning high quality. 
Finally You Can Play ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Day or Night with The ULTIMATE Light Up Sports Ball.


  1. That Nightball looks like a lot of fun. It seems like it would be really useful with how it's now becoming dark so early.

  2. This night football is loads of fun for the kiddos...and they make other types as well. Pretty cool.