Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Farm Friends by I See Me Review

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My son is a huge fan of reading books! I was so excited when I came across I See Me! With my son loving books, I just knew he would love a book that was personalized just for him. My son loves animals, so when choosing a book I decided to go with the My Farm Friends. When I got this in my son immediately wanted to read this book, over and over again! He really loved it! 

As reading this book, you can see the excitement on my son's face. He loves that he is the main character in the book. He loves flipping threw the pages to see what his face will be on next. In this story Bentley is the Farmer. With the My Farm Friends story I was able to customize my child’s name, gender, skin tone, hair color, real life photo, hometown, birthday, and also leave a note from who bought him the book!

This is the perfect book for young children that are starting school! A great little gift to give them when Summer is over! They have hundreds of different titles so there is sure to be a book that fit your child’s personality.

I was highly impressed with I See Me books, not only did we love the personalized story, but we also loved how well made this is. We love that this is a durable hard cover book that is made to last. 

This book also came with a small activity book. The inside was filled with custom coloring pages, word puzzles, and other little games. It also had a cute little short-story on the inside.

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