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Drawing and Coloring – Fun & Natural Form of Development

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Numerous times it has been proven by studies world-wide that painting, drawing, sketching and last but not least: coloring are actions that have an immense role in the development of the child. Insightful knowledge can be gained through this process in order to boost cognitive, physical and emotional development of the child naturally, through simple means. This externalization functions differently throughout childhood and at it can boost the development at multiple different levels allowing the little one to stay healthy, focused, balanced.
In the following rows we will go through a few points worth highlighting on how a certain activities can help the child certain ways, cast a glance.

At just 18 months old children start to focus on muscle coordination, movement and basically generally physical development. The child attempts to develop his cognitive skills as well as to interact socially through expression. The coordination between hand and mind is being fine-tuned and through sufficient exercise, rhythm and patience, perfection will be achieved.
Scribbling is an evolution ladder to be climbed, step by step, one that would greatly help the little one in the long run. Be there for him, encourage him.

Creating Shapes
The creation of shapes, squares, triangles and primitive circles is something that usually occurs between the age of two – three and it represents one of the first steps in the attempt to represent reality as it is. The most common attempt in this category represents the over-simplification of one`s family into circle and lines; the making of a family portrait that will soon appear on the fridge. Later on, at the age of nine, proportions do appear as an even more realistic interpretation of human shapes, complementing the concept that the young self-started as a toddler.

Realistic Depictions
At the age of eight to nine a child will attempt to represent the real world in his drawings, he will leave his imagination behind for a moment, he ought to pay attention to perspective and proportions in order to depict reality as well as possible. This is one of the hardest steps for an artist that follows realism and is important to make sure that the little one pushes through. The creative act is very much influenced by confidence, courage, positive feedback is key.

Learn How to Encourage and Promote Sketching and Coloring

The three points expressed above are only a small portion of the immense influence of coloring and drawing and to encourage this act we have constructed a small list of methods through which a parent might encourage the little one to pursue this form of artistic expression.
  •   Different materials. Having something new, fresh, interesting at hand is very important. Try different mediums that would stimulate his creativity.
  • Be a role model. Influencing your kids to pick up drawing and coloring might be that easy. Be there for them with the coloring pencil in your hand,
  • Every effort counts. Do not let the efforts of the little one go unnoticed. This point is utterly important as it will help the little ones pick up new colors, lines, nourishing their own creativity.
  • Use coloring books and drawing templates. They`re numerous color books online and in the early stages of creativity these can open the creativity tap swiftly, stimulating they`re imagination, feeing the mind.
  • Associate drawing with music. A great coordination and appreciation between these types of fine arts will be tied.
  • Freedom of choice. The child should decide absolutely everything from color to pagination. The decision making process could develop in this stage as well.

Every artistic act helps the child naturally develop for the better, a suite of actions that can greatly benefit the little one beyond belief. Admire his work, encourage him and help him become everything he can be. Artistic skills are something that few earn in the long run, they`re skills that can shape an extraordinary individual, change one`s life.

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