Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cell Phone Spying Apps Access Browsing History and Communications

Technology is surpassing our expectations and giving people access to some of the most harmful information online. In fact, almost everyone using a cell phone can access prohibited content too easily. As distractions increase, employers, and parents have to resort to using cell phone spying apps to access the browsing history and conversations on their target’s cell phone (iOS and Android) to catch them red handed. XNspy is one of the modern apps that come with the ability to allow business owners to get a clear idea of how frequently the target person uses the company’s Wi-Fi or mobile data for personal and unauthorized use.

Screen Browsing Activity and Bookmarks

Because making sure that employees focus on work is crucial for optimal productivity at any organization, CEOs find it necessary to screen their online activity. There are numerous reasons for this, one of which is to prevent time miss management. Instead of paying attention to tasks at work, employees spend more time browsing their favorite sites like YouTube, Online Casinos, and adult content sites. The consequence of this is that there are more mistakes and poor management at work, which diminish productivity and can make the company incur huge losses, not to mention tarnishing the company’s reputation.With cellphone tracking apps like XNspy, users can see the exact number of times the target person visits any website and check the link out personally. Users can also see the date and time when the target person last visited those sites. From the control panel, they can easily screen websites visited. Moreover, users can also see the bookmarked sites and know how frequently the target person visits them.

The app also has the capacity to take screenshots, which can serve as a backup when confronting employees about the problem.

Screen Emails, SMS, and Internet Chats

Screening the emails, text messages, and internet chats (via WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line) of employees is part of the policies in many recent small and large businesses. The reason for this is that companies have become more conscious about hiring people who are trustable, dedicated, and professional. Employees must never disclose sensitive company secrets or engage in anything illegal. Screening communications allow companies to protect their brand image and keep their workers safe from internal harassments and discriminations.The modern-day cell phone spying apps also come with inbuilt GPS tracking and Geo-fencing features, which tell the users exactly where their target employees are at the time they send or receive text messages and calls. This feature helps employers working with a mobile workforce to keep a track of their team members in real time.

Listen to Recorded Call Conversations

The app has the ability to automatically record and upload calls onto the control panel. After that, it notifies the user so that they can listen to them from the control panel later. Most companies have started screening the calls their customer care teams have with the customers. The main reason for this is to listen to what their customers recommend for improvements. Sometimes, listening to recorded conversations can prove helpful to resolve conflicts and to improve customer satisfaction.

Why Companies Want to Monitor Browsing History and Communications

Companies want to access their employees’ browsing history and conversations to observe three main aspects:
·         The pattern of online activity and the amount of time they spend on non-work websites

·         How much bandwidth was eaten on streaming music and videos that are non-work related
·         Whether target workers are into porn and how bad it is
·         To make sure they do not engage in unethical practices
·         To ensure proper customer management with polite conversations
·         To protect the company from threats online

Benefits of Screening Browsing Activity with Cell Phone Spying Apps

By screening the browsing history, managers can assess their target employees’ personality. With the information CEOs and managers obtain from the target’s cell phone browsing history, they can take necessary measures to discipline the person. By educating the target person about the importance of effective time management and workplace discipline, they can boost productivity and establish a safer working environment for everyone. If any employee has behavioral issues that cause coworkers to feel uncomfortable working, managers can filter those employees and take necessary action against them.The good news is that while such apps are helpful for companies, they are not limited to business people. They offer many other features including remote control and blocking unwanted apps installed on the target device. Parents can also use these apps to monitor their kids’ online activities to protect them from threats online. These apps generally work on both iOS and android devices.

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