Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Best Choice Products Portable Twin Mattress Review

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With always having family visit and sleep over I needed something extra to have them sleep on. We currently only had a sofa for the to sleep on, and with more than one person we needed something. We did not want an extra bed, we just wanted something that could be easily stored when not being used. 
This was perfect for my little brothers, with it being a twin it was big enough for them but still small enough to store away. We were amazed with how comfortable and soft this was! I honestly could of slept on this as my own bed! I was shocked to see how easily this folds up to store it. 

This is great for an extra bed or even a dorm room, camper, etc! This portable mattress has so many great uses. This is more than a bed, it could also act as a cozy sofa! We store this in my son's toy room, which I love being able to use this as a sofa in there! He loves how comfortable it is, so he actually plays on it! 

I love how light weight this mattress is, I was surprised it was not heavier. The two handles make it super easy to carry anywhere needed. I was super impressed with the design and overall of this product. It was very well made, durable, and super comfy! 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Designed with a firm, high-density foam and a removable polyurethane cover
  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: Use it as a guest mattress or convert it in to a floor sofa for movie nights and friends
  • EASY PORTABILITY: Tri-fold and lightweight design is built with 2 handles making it ideal for out of town trips or camping
  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: CertiPUR-US certified for superior quality, comfort, and product assurance; Flat Dimensions:75"(L) x 39"(W) x 4"(thick)
  • RECOMMENDED SETUP: Open package in well-ventilated area to release harmless odor that should dissipate within several hours. Open and wait 72 hours before use to maximize expansion

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  1. That's awesome! Would be especially perfect for trips to grandparents and camping!

  2. This mattress looks comfy and nice to be able to care around any where

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