Friday, July 1, 2016

IO Blocks by Guidecraft Review

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These IO Blocks are seriously so neat. My son who is two loves these. I know he is a little small, but we always watch him as he is playing. 
The IO Blocks really get your imgination rolling, you can make almost anything you set your mind to with these. They are small pieces so it is not recommended for children under 5, however my son loves them with supervision. My brothers who are 11 and 13 also had a blast with these building all sorts of crazy things! They loved how easily they could come up with something and make it. I love how focused this would make them and watching them concentrate to complete what they want. I think the IO Blocks would be a great addition to a classroom for children to learn more. 

The open ends on the blocks make it easy to build what you are trying too. These blocks stay nicely put unless you take them apart. I was shocked at how easily these attached and stayed put. These IO Blocks are very durable and well made. The blocks would interlock very nicely, we have had zero problems getting any pieces to lock together. I was highly impressed that every piece was perfect. 
The IO Blocks have an app that you can download in the app store or google play. The app can be used as a creativity guide. It will help you get your mind rolling. 

I love how educational these are. Even for my two year old. We go over color and how the blocks fit into one another. He is learning STEM even at a young age with these. 

Website Details:

Quarter-size Mini version of the award-winning IO Blocks® open-ended building toy, whose 12 unique shapes are inspired by the digital world’s 8-bit pixelated design. If you can think it, you can create it with the secure, friction-fit interlocking system unique to IO Blocks®. Use the enclosed tracker pad and free IO Blocks® App for your smartphone and tablet for extra building inspiration. Available on Google Play and the Apple App store. Suggested Age: 5+

  • Open-ended, friction-fit construction toy with digital world design roots: IO Blocks®, now in a Mini (quarter-size) version.
  • 250 small, colorful, soft-touch matte plastic pieces securely interlock with unique, friction-fit system.
  • Use free build App as a creativity guide. Available on Google Play and the Apple App store.
  • Educational focus: STEM, fine motor and problem solving skills, and spatial concepts.
  • Suggested Age: 5+

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  1. this is the first time I have seen these blocks, pretty cool, I want to play with them lol,, Definitely can get very creative with these bock.

  2. These blocks look great for kids to build so many different things. I have to look into this brand.

  3. These are great. I love how they stay put when you make something. These would be great to get our children to use their imaginations. Thank you so much for sharing

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  5. These look like awesome building blocks! My kids would love these, the way they are designed is really cool because they stay together! :)

  6. I have never seen a Building set quite like these 10 Block by Guide Kraft.. They seem like a sturdy set and I know my Grandsons would really enjoy building things with this set! Thankyou for your enjoyable review!!

  7. These look so great for little builders! I love how unique they are. I'm thinking they would make great birthday gifts for all of the upcoming parties we have. Thanks for the review!

  8. These would make such a wonderful gift for one of my little niece or nephews. I think a couple of my grandchildren would love them too!

  9. Very Neat, I think two is not too young. Its good to get kids started early. My boy is three and I believe he would loves these.. I think my older kids would love them too!!

  10. Wow these blocks are cool! My girls would love them.