Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hand Soap By Hayley's JewelScent

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I have heard so many great things about JewelScent! I was eager to try out the soap. I love bath products! What is so neat about JewelScent is that they have hidden jewels in each item valued from $15 to $7500! How amazing is that?

I love getting a nice lovely smelling bar of soap, and not knowing the surprise inside of it! It is so exciting using the soap waiting for the ring to pop out!  My ring was in a plastic Ziploc bag protecting it from the water as well as the soap. With JewelScent you get to pick your size that way you are positive it will fit! I find that extremely neat since a lot of companies you do not get to choose. 

The soap itself was amazing. I love the smell I choose, which was Vanilla Sugar. I am a huge fan of the sweet smells! I really was impressed with how long the scent lasted on your skin, as well as how long the bar lasts. You will get multiple washes with this soap bar! Each time the scent is just as amazing. This soap bar does not loose it smell as I find some cheap soap brands do. This soap left my hands feeling extra soft and smooth. 

In my soap, I received an adorable ring with a jewel as well as a dolphin. As a younger child I loved dolphins, so this was really cute! It fit my finger perfectly, I could not of been more impressed. Although, I did not check the value of my ring, you easily can! Each ring comes with a small tag that has some numbers so you can see the exact value of that ring. 

Upon getting this JewelScent soap bar I had the pleasure of working with Hayley Prestenbach. She was so lovely to communicate with. She made sure my order was correct as well as followed up to make sure I loved the product. She was super easy to talk to.

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  1. That ring is so cute! This soap sounds wonderful and I love that there is a little something special in it too!