Friday, July 22, 2016

Construction Disposable Placemats by SparkzBaby Review

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As a mother I am always worried about germs with my two year old. When we are eating out, he tends to put his food on the table a lot. I HATE it, they can catch so many germs that way. We have used so many place mats, but none ever stick. Lets be honest, I have never found any worth the money. 

After coming across Construction Disposable Place mats by SparkzBaby I was stoked. These have adhesive on all four corners so that they STICK to the table. I was shocked when I found out how well these actually work. I was so excited. These stuck to the table no matter how much my toddler doesn't want them too! 

These place mats provide a clean, germ-free eating surface when eating at restaurants or traveling. I love that my son can eat in public without me freaking out about germs! The mats are ideal for baby led eating.  Just peel and stick to any surface. They stick amazing, better than I thought they wold! Great for just playing and getting messy at dinner time.  After eating just throw away as they are safe for the environment, which is a huge plus! 

I love keeping these in my diaper bag, you never know when you may need them! These are super convenient for all mothers and caregivers! 

About the Product
  • FUN and SAFE: The Construction themed placemats provide a clean environment for your child to eat on. When it's time to eat (or play) simply pull off the adhesive strips and lay the placemat on a flat clean surface.
  • CONVENIENT AND ECONOMICAL: The disposable placemats are individually folded and conveniently packaged in bags of 25.
  • CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE: When it's time to go, peel away from the corner and throw away in the trash receptacle. No sticky messes, no leftover food crumbs
  • SAFE and ECO-FRIENDLY: Our products are free of BPA, lead, and phthalates and decompose after you throw them out.

 For the 50 count packages Use Code:  SAVE50SM to knock the pricing down from $15.99 down to $12.99

 For the 25 count packages Use Code:  SAVE25SM to knock the pricing down from $9.99 down to $7.49

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  1. wow what a great idea for travel i would use these for my baby as he gets older he will be putting his food on tables to this would be great for easy clean up to when he will make messes

  2. oh wow we could TOTALLY use this!

  3. Awesome! I need these for my vacation. My truck loving toddler will surely like them.

  4. We have a new baby coming in September so we're really gonna need these soon 💕

  5. This really looks well stitched. I thank you for this great review on the place-mats.

  6. I love this cute colorful place mat my little nephew always wants one on the table when he eats

  7. These place mats are a very clever and fun idea.