Friday, July 15, 2016

BootayBag Review

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As a mom, you have to treat your self every now and then! When I first heard of the BootayBag I was so excited. For only $12 a month you can get two beautiful pair of undies! Normally two pair of this great quality and style would cost me $15 if not more! 

When signing up for the BootayBag you can choose between  "Never Thongs", "Always Thongs", or "Mix It Up". 
Mix it up: A combo of cheeky panties and thongs, this is for the girl who likes any kind of panty and isn't afraid to branch out.  But don't worry, we will never surprise you with granny panties.
Only Thongs: Self explanatory right, only thongs... any kind of thong but only thongs! You might be our wild one...
Never Thongs: Full coverage, sexy, but still comfortable. Functionally, we all could be more like you. 

When selecting my option, I went with the Mix it Up! I love getting a little surprise in each month! I normally wear a size Medium, so these were pretty true to size for me. When purchasing you can choose between a small, medium, or large. 
I was pretty excited with the two pair I got in this month. One was a hot pink lace pair while the other was a more neutral being white and baby blue. Both of these undies were in perfect condition with having no loose threads or tears. I was stoked and highly impressed with the BootayBag! 

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