Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BFF Masks Subscription Box Review

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As a mom, my way of relaxing lately has been in a hot bath with a face mask! I came across a subscription box called BFF Masks! I was thrilled and overly excited! I easily fell in love! I really love using face masks, to get my face feeling amazing. A face masks brings my face back to life, giving it that glowing and soft feeling. 

I was super impressed with the price of this monthly box! You can get this for ONLY $15/month + 8% tax with FREE shipping to anywhere in the US. Absolutely no hidden fees. How awesome is that?? With this subscription you will be billed monthly on the 20th! 

In each months box you will get 5 face masks plus a special bonus mask. Each mask serves a purpose to help your skin to feel and look its best. For example, our lemon masks helps brighten skin while our aloe vera masks helps to sooth inflammation. In addition, our bonus masks each month helps to perfect other areas of your body!

Overall, I loved each of the masks I got! My night was extra relaxing with an amazing face mask to make me feel beautiful. As a mother, I love getting that glow feeling!

Welcome to the world of sheet masks! It is a convenient beauty treatment originating from Korea that’s known to fix any imperfections (ranging from winter dry skin to acne-related inflammation). Compared to traditional face masks which can be time consuming, messy, and requires rinsing off (stripping away its benefits), these masks are thin cotton sheets that are saturated in essence that don’t require any rinsing.

The directions are super easy- simply place the mask onto your face, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, remove, and reap the benefits. Because there has been enough time for the serum to soak deep into your skin, the results are remarkable- leaving your face soft, plumped, and glowing!

Make sure to use the code BFFLAUREN to receive 10% off your first month subscription!

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