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A Back to School Candy Buffet

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Creating Back To School Themed Candy Buffet

A back to school candy buffet is the perfect way to begin the school year. This Sweet Services guide will quickly take you from frazzle to dazzle, and will leave your guests in awe. Even the pickiest sweet tooth will be satisfied. From start to finish we will walk you through the plan, how to select a theme for your candy buffet and how much bulk candy you will need to order. We will even show you how to set up and decorate the table. Follow these six simple steps to DIY your way to the perfect candy buffet for your back to school party.

1.Choosing a theme and color scheme
Candy buffets are all the rage at parties. They replace party favor tradition. We have decided on a back to school theme with the school colors of blue and gold.

2. Choosing the bulk candy to order
There are so many choices of candy that it makes it difficult to choose. If you separate it into four categories it is much easier.
Bulk loose candy sold by the pound
Individually wrapped candy allow one per guest
Designer candy/sweets allow one per guest

3. Display candy
I mix all four types of candy, displaying them in a variety of different containers. This helps to ensure that one of each of some candy and then bulk loose candy is available for the guests to help themselves to. is my go to place to order candy. 
They have a great variety of colors and high quality products.
Set up the table in 3 zones with appropriate containers. You should set up the table first to see how much space you have to work with before ordering the candy. This ensures you don’t order more candy than you need to fill the containers that can be displayed on a 6ft or 8ft table without having to refill it. Always use clear containers so that the colors show through. When using bulk loose candy be sure the openings of the containers are large enough for a scoop to fit in and short enough for the guest to reach the bottom.

4. Back Zone
Use tall containers or use photo boxes or glass jars to elevate your containers. Make sure the containers aren’t too tall so your guests can reach the candy without tipping them over. Don’t use loose candy in this area because it’s too difficult to reach and scoop out bulk candy in tall containers at the back of the table.

5. Middle Zone
Display bulk candy in sets of two apothecary jars to balance the table. You can use six jars to display a lot of candy without taking up too much space. Some examples of bulk candy are M&M’s, gum balls, and chocolate balls.

6. Front Zone
In the front zone is where you display in trays the individual portioned items like cotton candy bags, ribbon candy, and rock candy sticks.
Figure out how much candy you will need. A general rule of thumb is to order 8 ounces of candy per guest. The candy usually comes in 5 lb bags which equals 80 ounces. An example is if the table is set up for 24 guests you would need 192 oz of candy or 15 lbs. For the individual packaged candy you would order one per guests.
Design your table with a wow factor. The first thing they will see is the tablecloth and the centerpiece. Use a tablecloth in the school colors. For a centerpiece we suggest you place a cake stand and put it in the middle of the table. On top of the cake stand you put a hat box that you have glued pencils all of the way around. Tie two ribbons of the school colors around the hat box. Fill the box with school supplies such as rulers, colored pencils, glue, and place two pompoms in the back of the school colors.

Finishing touch
For finishing touches place items such as glue, crayons, apples, and other school supplies around on the table.

The trick to a successful themed candy buffet is being creative. Candy makes a beautiful display, with your imagination and creativity, your back to school candy buffet will be the talk of the town. You may even want to make it an annual event! 

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  1. omg, my niece would love this. She was caught the other day walking with a flashlight at night looking for candy at my moms house while everyone slept. haha, she may be diabetic so she is limited on candy, but she loves it.