Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Document Dunk Review

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Want to have a little fun at work? This is the perfect way to add fun to your office! When we got The Document Dunk in, the whole office was thrilled! We had a blast throwing away our trash and playing basketball while at work! For breaks we would have contest, so much fun and entertaining! This made our day go by so much faster! 

I was surprised with how easy this was to put together. With only needing a couple snaps of the pieces together, it was very easy! 

I was surprised with the size, I was honestly not expecting this to be as big and durable as it was. It really looked professional in my office. 

Website Details:

For Those Who Compete in the Corporate Arena

Keep your desk clean and clutter free with the Document Dunk™, a miniature basketball goal designed for an executive's wastepaper basket. Just aim, shoot and swish. The Document Dunk is the perfect addition to transform your office/cubicle into a corner office.

(Trashcan not included)

  • The Document Dunk is the original trashcan stand basketball hoop.
  • Made with high-quality materials built to withstand event the harshest office environments!
  • Fits most desk-sized trashcans
  • At 31.5'' tall, the Document Dunk makes a great addition in even the tightest of spaces

Transform Your Tiny Cubicle into the Corner Office You Deserve!
Painful. Boring. Mundane. Prison-like. These are just some of the ways of describing the typical corporate environment that most individuals grow to loathe over their career. Simply assemble the Document Dunk and aim, shoot and swish your way to the top of the corporate ladder! So the next time your boss drops off a memo, quickly skim it (so you don't get fired), crumple it up and put the Document Dunk to work! The Document Dunk makes the perfect gift for those who compete in the corporate arena.

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  1. This is such a great idea, I love it! I could definitely see this making work more entertaining! :) The Dirty Dunk is awesome for your kid's laundry as well!