Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dirty Dunk Review

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Have you ever wanted to make cleaning fun for your kids? When we got The Dirty Dunk in, my brothers were thrilled! They thought this was the neatest thing! I loved that they were cleaning up, while having fun! 

The Dirty Dunk went nicely over the door, fit perfectly without being to heavy! I was very pleased with the size along with the durability. I was surprised with how easy this was to put together. With only needing one snap of the piece together, it was very easy! 

This is the perfect addition to any young child or teenager's room! This helps them keep all the dirty clothes OFF the floor! They have fun while picking them up! My brother's love that they play "basketball" with their dirty clothes daily! 

My mom loved the fact that she has not seen one piece of dirty clothes on their floor since! 

This Dirty Dunk was built to last with its power coated metal rim! My brother's do not have to worry about bending it with how indestructible that rim feels! You will be impressed! The padded metal door brackets ensure your Dirty Dunk hangs securely to your door without scratching, dinging or damaging your door's finish!

Website Details:
The Dirty Dunk gives kids a cool and fun way to keep their rooms clean and allows parents to breathe easier at night. Just hook The Dirty Dunk on the back of a door and watch as they swish or dunk their dirty clothes away!

  • Hangs securely from your bedroom door with sturdy padded metal hooks. 
  • Sturdy backboard
  • 12'' diameter metal rim 
  • 45" long nylon net with drawstring bottom
  • Easy to assemble

Easy Clothes Removal
Removing dirty clothes from the Dirty Dunk couldn't be easier!

1: Fill your Dirty Dunk with dirty clothes.

2: Place laundry basket under the Dirty Dunk's net.

3: Release the plastic spring-loaded toggle located at the bottom of the net to loosen the drawstring.

4: Watch as your clothes fall out of the net and into your laundry basket.

5: Repeat!

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  1. I love this. Maybe the kids and even the hubby would use it

  2. that is so cool,this would be perfect for my daughthers 3 boys