Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jord #WoodWatch Review

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WOW, Looking for a stunning Father's Day Gift? Have you see the Jord Wood Watches? If not, they are something to check out! Not only are these watches stunning, but they are durable and made with a high quality. This company goes above and beyond to satisfy you. They customize the watch to fit the wrist perfectly. 

My boyfriend was stoked to get this in as an early Father's Day Present! He just loved that it fit perfectly on his wrist. This watch could be worn as classy or casual he stated. The design is so unique. Brock works outside a lot, and is quite clumsy. We both were excited to learn that this watch has scratch resistant mineral glass. He accidentally tested that out by knocking the watch outside on the cement. We were super shocked when we did not see a single scratch on the watch! Another thing Brock loved about this Jord Watch was that he could see the date on it. Not all watches tell the date, but when it does it is a plus in my eyes! 

This watch sales for $159 and is worth every penny. This is a watch you buy to last for a lifetime. It is stunning and any man would love it. This was the best gift I could of found to give Brock for Father's Day. 

Since giving this watch to Brock, he has not wanted to take it off! He loves it! He gets so many compliments on the unique design and stunning quality of this watch daily. Watching him get so excited over this watch is what makes this the perfect Father's Day gift. 

This watch comes packaged great. It comes in a nice wooden keepsake box. Perfect for those guys who do not have a spot to keep it safe. The packaging of this watch makes you feel awesome. It is expensive looking and classy. We were in awe at the way this box came packaged. 


  • case width: 42mm
  • case thickness: 12mm
  • lug ends: 48mm
  • band thickness: 26mm - 37mm
  • band length: 222mm

Your can follow this link below to be instantly entered to win a voucher (worth $75). The winner is automatically picked and notified via email at the end of the giveaway which typically lasts for 1-2 weeks. As a bonus, EVERYONE will still receive an e-gift card for $20 off their own JORD watch (you have 3 months to use this e-gift card before it expires).


  1. They seem to make lovely watches! Thanks for the review!

  2. Love the JORD watch! We have written a full review of JORD watches, let me know if you would like to get involved. I am always looking for bloggers to work with. Thanks!

  3. Wow-- these watches are so beautiful; a real work of art. I've never really seen anything like them! I imagine that anyone wearing one of these would get so many compliments on it. Thank you for the great post/review!