Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jewelry Dish from The Painted Press

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I have been looking for the perfect present for my son's grandmothers. They are so hard to shop for, so I know I wanted something special. After searching all day and night I finally came across "ThePaintedPress". This shop had beautiful items, but what really grabbed my attention was the jewelry dish. 

Not only can these jewelry dishes be personalized but you can get the perfect color as well! 

These dishes were perfect and exactly the sort of thing I was wanting for them. They were ecstatic when we gave them there presents. They teared up from loving it so much. 

With this not being ceramic, it is a little more durable. I was super impressed to see how light weight these are. The dishes are also very well made. You can honestly feel that it will last long. It feels like this is made with plaster, which is nearly shatterproof. My mother is a little clumsy, so I was excited to learn this would be VERY hard for her to break!

They have so many color options, designs, and ways to personalized these jewelry dishes, you will be amazed. 

I got one Blue Ombre Dish personalized with Nana for my mother. You can order this one HERE.

The other dish I received was the pink colored dish! We got this one personalized with Gigi for my boyfriends mom. You can purchase that one HERE

I was so happy with these dishes, they held my mothers ring perfectly. This dish is big enough to hold a couple of rings. We were all very happy with the size and shape! This jewelry dish is so unique, I have never seen another anything like this one. 

My son's grandmothers both put this dish by there sink to hold there ring whenever is needed. They both were in love and could not wait to show it off to company. 

Shop Details

These little dishes are a branch out of our original personalized white and gold jewelry dish design. 

Made for those with a little more spunk, and a little more love for color.

• Approximately 3” diameter
• This is not a ceramic item. It is light and can be slightly pliable. This means that it is much harder to break and should not shatter if dropped. 
• Please note that each dish is molded, stamped, painted and sealed in our studio. This is a delicate hand-crafted process, and each dish will be different. 
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• instagram: @thepaintedpress
• For more details please see our shop policies! Feel free to shoot us a message with any questions you might have.

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  1. I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to buy a little gift for myself on Etsy, and I think I might have just found it.
    I think that these are so pretty! Love the gold around the edges. And I really love their colorblocked designs (e.g., the peach and white)! Thank you for introducint me to the Painted Press.