Tuesday, June 7, 2016

eKids The Secret Life of Pets Headphones Review

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My son loves music! He is always trying to steal mommy's headphones. My headphones are always sliding off of his head from being to big. When I seen these eKids headphones, I was very excited. They fit my son perfectly. They did not slide off. He was so excited to have some headphones just like mommy!


These headphones are adorable! My son just loves the puppy from The Secret Life of Pets. He was so excited to get these headphones. Once I showed him, he did not want to take them off! He wore them for hours before I even put music playing!! Once the music was playing, there was no stopping him. He was fascinated.

Not only are these headphones super cute, but they work amazing. The sounds quality was phenomenal. I was honestly shocked, I think these may actually be better than mine! 

I was stoked at how big of a hit these headphones are in the house. My son loves them, along with all the other toddlers that come over to play. 

You can't go wrong with buying these. Weather it is for yourself, your family, or as a present for someone. The owner of these headphones will be pleased. They are super durable, well made, and couldn't be cuter! I have been overly impressed with these. eKids never fail to amaze me. 

eKids has some super cute designs, to check them all out simply go HERE. They have other great products besides headphones also! You will not be disappointed. 

Check out eKids: https://www.ekids.com/


  1. These are just so darned cute! Thanks for the review!

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