Friday, May 13, 2016

The Only Surfing Water Slide - Review

In Louisiana we have some really HOT summers!! What better way to cool off than with a water slide? Talk about a HUGE HIT with the kids! They, actually WE ALL loved this awesome water slide! Super fun for summer! 

We have a huge back yard, so we were eager to try this awesome water slide out! This slip N Slide was very easy to set up, took less than 10 minutes! (We had a air hose to help blow up any parts needed) We actually could not get the noodle sprayer to sit right so we didn't use it. Which my brothers preferred since they are taller anyway. 

This is great for all ages, it says starting at 5, but as you can see my two year old LOVED this. He had such a blast running up and down the slide! He played on this for hours with the big kids! 

The 30"-long padded skimboard is a huge plus that was included. My brothers had a blast skimming down hill on the water slide. My son, who is only two did not use the skim board like my brothers, however he had a blast getting pulled or pushed on it. 

This water slide was super fun and all of the kids just loved it! This is great to pull out for parties, however we use it almost every weekend! Living in Louisiana it gets hot every day and a nice cool water slide helps cool us off in a FUN way! 

This has lasted and stayed in great shape after using multiple times. These kids are ruff, I am surprised it still looks brand new! Just goes to show you how well made, and durable this water slide is!

Recommended for ages 5-12, slide supports skimboardless riders up to 110 lbs. 30' L x 4' W x 4 1/2" H. (20 lbs.)

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  1. This is really cool. I love that it has the skim board. I have never seen a slide with a skim board before. My kids would love this.