Monday, May 23, 2016

Let's Color America Really Big Poster Review

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As an adult, to relieve stress I love to color. Growing up coloring has always been such a stress reliever for myself, as well as many of my friends. 

I recently came across a really big coloring poster of America. Not only is it America, its things to go with each state in the states place. A great teaching tool for a classroom. It is actually really neat. I was highly impressed and shocked how much I feel in love with this poster. I color a little bit each time I feel I need a little stress relieve. 

I have a big table in my office, lately this has been taped in each four corners to it. It is a lot bigger than I was expecting, but it fit perfectly on my table. I like to tape all four corners down so this does not curl or get messed up. 

I was super excited about this really big poster, I love that this is not just an ordinary coloring page. This poster is an actual poster of something. It is useful. It can be used as a learning tool for my toddler as he grows. Plus I can show off my lovely coloring skills with hanging it up in my office. 

This poster is such a great size, it will take me weeks to finish it since I will not be doing it all in one sitting. 

Product Description:

This Really Big Coloring Poster is the real deal. The big cheese. The biggest, baddest, and most fun coloring adventure for beginners and adults! Spanning 63"x36" the Let's Color America Coloring Poster features a quirky map of the USA just waiting to be filled in with crayons, colored pencil, or marker. Printed with vegetable ink on 70% recycled content paper, Let's Color America Really Big Coloring Poster is an eco-friendly and playful accent on any bare wall in your home or classroom!

You can buy this poster, or many others, here for only $34.99. 

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  1. What a cool item! This is really unlike any other coloring page/book that I've seen before. Whenever I mention coloring to my father, he says something about it being a "fad." :p But he really think he might go for this! He LOVES maps-- in his living room alone he's got a really old globe, and a few big maps of our city on the wall. The roll-up window shades are even rare, antique maps! I'm glad I found this post; I'll check this item out!