Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#DiscoverOurAmerica Subscription Box Review

There are not many subscription boxes that I think are worth the money that they cost, however with the Discover Our America Box I was quite surprised. This box sales for ONLY $39.95 a month with FREE SHIPPING! *You can cancel at anytime, which is great and unlike many other boxes I have seen. 

Not only do you get great items from #DiscoverOurAmerica, but you learn amazing things. 

What's inside?
Every month, subscribers get a new state themed box. They get Food, goodies, and a photo filled overview of the state that highlights the history, geography, culture, and places to see. I have never seen such an awesome subscription box. 

I got my first box in not to long ago. The state theme was Michigan. I have never been to Michigan, so I actually learned a lot by getting this box. I got to learn that the population of Michigan is about 10 million. WOW that is A LOT. I would of honestly never thought! I also found out that Michigan is the 11th largest state in America. 

I learned about the weather, history, geography, industry, and much more! After reading the short booklet that comes filled with all sorts of information I really want to visit Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Looking at the pictures, it is beautiful! 

Not only did I learn some great things about Michigan, I got to taste some GREAT foods! 

I received:

  • Caramel Corn, Detroit Popcorn Company
  • Rock & Rye Pop, Faygo
  • Wild Cherry Tea, Cherry Republic
  • Salt Water Taffy, Martha's Original Macking Island Fudge
  • Sea Salt Caramels, Sanders
  • ZZAN! What The Fudge? Bar, Zingerman's Candy
  • Woodward Avenue Blend, Detroit Bold Coffee Co. 

I was so surprised with how great all these tasted! My family fought over who got to eat what! 

After reading how great the #DiscoverOurAmerica box is, I know you are dying to sign up for it! Let me help you out, Use Promo Code SOUTHERN15 and get 15% off your first subscription shipment!! This code is only valid until 7/31 so order quickly!! You can order at this link here:

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  1. I have never heard of this. It sounds really cool and you learn something. I like that it comes with food samples and drink samples. thanks for sharing.