Thursday, April 7, 2016


On September 13, 2014 I went into labor. 

My water broke at my house around 5:45 PM. Being a first time mom, I was not sure if it was my water breaking or not. I called my doctor to confirm. They stated wait an hour and if it is still like this then I needed to come in. I had a 45 minute drive to the hospital. I got to the hospital about 7:30. I honestly could of drove myself to the hospital, I could not even feel my contractions. My mom was in shock, saying how could I be so lucky. I was in NO pain. 

 Once I arrived at the hospital, they started prepping me. Making me comfortable and setting up my room. We figured it would be an all night wait. I was only dilated 2.5 CM. They said we would be here a while. I started feeling my contractions, but not much. About an hour later, I hit 3 CM they started to give me the epidural. Before they even finished, I told the nurse something didn't feel right. She decided to finish the epidural and then she would check me again. I was at 9 CM and ready to start pushing. Everyone was downstairs since they kicked them out while they gave me my epidural. Brock walked in and noticed they were getting everything ready for me to start pushing. He did not know what was going on, we thought it would be hours before we got here. He started to get nervous. I was so scared to deliver, the epidural hasn't had time to kick in. I just could think how much pain I would be in. 

I began to push. I won't lie, it hurt, but honestly not nearly like I thought it would. For the epidural not being kicked in yet, I thought I would not be able to bare the pain. After pushing twice, I heard my mom and Brock say we see his hair!! I got so excited, I wanted to see his hair!! I pushed for maybe 15 minutes, then I heard that amazing cry. At 10:59 PM, my life changed forever. My heart dropped, my son was here. I could not believe it. Looking at him, holding him, kissing him. Finally. My life was complete. 

Bentley James Bigler was here. 

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  1. Your story is so sweet! From the stories I have heard from other mommies, you are truly lucky, your mom was right haha! Wish you and your family all the best!