Monday, April 25, 2016

Affiliate Tips!

Here are some great tips for anyone interested in being an Affiliate!

1.  Affiliates:  Use Custom Links directly to the products you want to promote.  Create them faster with the Bookmarklet which can take you from a specific product page to a proper link in very short time.

2.  Merchants:  The first 100 days of your program are critical and can even be confusing.  Read this post on the top 3 initial questions and 5 ways that aMerchant can stand out.  If you are looking for a comprehensive Guided Launch Program - email me for details on how we can help.

3.  Affiliates:  Sometimes just finding the best program to join is a challenge.  Read this post on the how-to portion and to get inspiration make sure you are taking a look at the Merchant Catalog released every quarter.   If you're a Blogger make sure you join my group on Facebook, and take part in our Blogger Brainstorms every Month.  Be sure to follow the Must Have Merchants series as well.  

4.  Merchants:  Recruitment.  It's the most important issue for many Merchants.  There are going to be two really separate paths here - Internal (from the Network) and External (your recruitment efforts).  To maximize both make sure to research our Featured Program options (in your Tools menu) and read my tips for maximizing recruitment efforts here.  If you are looking for active recruitment solutions - we are here to help so just reply to this email and we'll chat with you on how to get this ball rolling.

5.  Affiliates:  Don't over think it.  Affiliate Marketing is very simple if you think about it...  When you see a product or service that you think your audience would be interested in - you simply introduce them to the brand.  A lot of Affiliates join 10s or even 100s of programs and simply paralyze their efforts by trying to do too much.  Start with 1 product or service that makes sense and go from there.  If you are a Blogger - don't forget to go back and look at your past posts, as they can be important places to start.  Here's another helper on how to post links without overwhelming your readers.  

6.  Merchants:  Segmentation.  Use Tags to segment your list using performance, niche, promotion style, and any other metric - allowing you to then communicate with your Affiliates with proper messaging.  Take a look at this infographic to help you get some ideas. 

7.  Affiliates:  Use the tools that are out there.  Take a look at my Affiliate Marketers Toolkit to get some ideas on how to maximize an entire eco-system built to help you succeed.  Make sure to follow the trends of pop-culture and current events so you know that it is best to promote Steph Curry jerseys during the NBA Playoffs (now) and important to promote deals and coupons aroundBlack Friday and Cyber Monday (later).  If you did the reverse - your results would be very different.  :)

8.  Merchants:  Compliance.  Affiliates need rules to follow - and the most important role for a Merchant is to set those guidelines and enforce them.  The most common rules center around the use of coupons, and the use of PPC bidding (paid search).  Read about some compliance strategies here and then use the tools to help you.  Our PPC Monitoring can assist you and make sure toreport violations should they occur.  Put together a solid coupon strategy and be aware that there are options. Use our attribution technology to encourage the behavior you want in your program.  While we are talking about compliance, make sure you are aware of potential nexus and FTC implications by following (and joining) the PMA Performance Marketing Association.

9.  Affiliates:  Promote what you use.  A lot of you are Bloggers and probably use a large variety of business services to help you in your business.  These can include wordpress themes, hosting providers, even social media tools.  Other Bloggers are out there asking questions such as "How do they blog?" "How do I pick a web host?".  They will look to you for advice and it's often a really easy way to help your readers without overwhelming them.  

10.  Merchants:  Get out there.   Affiliates want to see you as an active member of the Performance Marketing community.  I can't overstate the importance of this.  There are 3 things you can do right away to do just that.  1.  Go to Conferences:  Affiliate Summit has a portion of their show dedicated just to Retailers, and ShareASale's ThinkTank on May 15th will bring together a large number of Affiliates and Merchants looking to network.  2.  Consider joining discussion groups such as the "Affiliate Marketing Slackers" and participate.  You'll get feedback on your program.  3.  This one is a simple one - just respond to the emails that come to you from Affiliates looking to either join your program or improve in their existing efforts.

To read more on HOW TO become an Affilate see this post:

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