Monday, March 7, 2016

Vimtag Surveillance Cam

I am hardly ever home and have always been concerned about leaving my house empty without knowing what's going on while I'm away. So recently, I began comparing and reviewing about 10 different surveillance camera options, most of which required a DVR with wired cameras. I settled on this camera because it was both wireless and did not require a DVR, because of the reviews it received, and because its price point was hard to beat.

Setup was very easy. Most of the setup was straightforward, though the online documentation could provide better descriptions of the features and menu options. For instance, if you just want the camera to record only when it detects motion (which is what I bought it for), you have to disable the "schedule recording" option altogether (I had it set on the "24/7" option thinking it would always be ready to record but not actually record until it detected movement--I was wrong).

Also, the camera requires an SD card (not included) to save the videos it records. It mentions using an SD card in the documentation, and there is a menu option for it as well, but for the first two days I was under the impression that it was referring to the SD drive on my laptop and that the videos would be saved to the SD card I inserted into the laptop. As it turns out, the camera itself has a Micro SD slot to store its own videos, and that's what the instructions are referencing. NOTE: Be sure to get a "micro" SD card (smart phone size), not the standard size SD card that you might use on your laptop. You can pick these up at Best Buy (about $15 for a 32GB Samsung card).

You can control the camera via your smartphone or your desktop/laptop. One great feature is the ability to control the camera's direction remotely. You can set the camera to a live shot, and pan it up, down, and side to side for a nearly 360 degree viewing radius.

  • Advantages: Pet Monitoring, Nanny Cam, Business Monitoring, Security, Vacation Home Monitoring, Senior Monitoring, Remote Live Video Streaming via Smart Phone, Tablet, and PC App, No browser needed
  • Basics: Remote Pan and Tilt, Motion Detection Snap Shot alerts Clear Two-Way Voice built in mic and speaker, Internet Access Required Wired or Wi-Fi, No cloud Recording, Indoor Use Model, Wired Power Outlet Required
  • Convenient: QR Code Scan for Super easy 4 step setup, Real Plug and Play 5 minute setup, WPS button for easy Wi-Fi connection setup, 3 times Digital Zoom, Super Clear Night Vision ,Internal SD Card slot (32 GB recommended) for video Recording and Playback
  • Super: Strong and Heavy Rubber Based material, 3 Dbi Antenna for extreme reliable Wi-Fi connection, Superior high quality 3.6mm Lens H.264 video compression format with maximum clarity
  • Specifications: Stunning HD Video Quality 1280 x 720p 25 fps Face to Face effect, 320 Degree x 120 degree covers every corner of your home, 12 IR LEDs for Night Vision Up to 10 Meters, Ir cut for capture love images, One million pixel high definition

I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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