Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unique Heat Portable Space Heater Reveiw

The house we live in has an additional room that was added on years after the house was built. That room does not get warm like the rest of the house does. We were in need of a heater. We wanted something small that put off a lot of heat since it was not a huge room. This heater was perfect for what we were needing it for. I was scared about getting a heater for the added on room. My son who is only two plays back there often. It is his play room. I was scared a heater would get hot and burn him. However, I was super impressed to find out that this heater is not hot to the touch. I was very happy about not having to worry about my son burning himself. 

Unique Heat Portable Heater keeps your living space wonderfully warm without drying out the air. Which is perfect for my sinuses. I HATE HOT air more than anything. This makes the place warm without drying me completely out. 

I love how easy to use this heater has been. With its handy remote & digital dial, this heater is a breeze to operate. My son can even do it! With convenient carrying handles, it's also easy to tote anywhere. We don't move it often, but its nice that I can move it easily if needed. This heater was very well made. You can tell how durable this heater was right after opening. You can also tell it is made to last long, and it will for us! 

Over all, I have been highly impressed with this amazing heater. Perfect buy for the room we needed to warm up. 
I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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