Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Guess what! 2 products are 25% off at ALOHA

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What goes good with ALOHA Chocolate Protein and Trail Mix? How about 25% off each of these products? Now through March 31st, your can enjoy 25% off ALOHA Chocolate Protein tins when they apply the code 25OFFPROTEIN and 25% off ALOHA Trail Mix when they use the code 25OFFMIX at checkout! See below for all the delicious details. 

Offer: 25% off Chocolate Protein Tins
Valid: Now - 3/31
ALOHA Chocolate Protein is flavored with fair-trade organic cacao from a co-op in the Dominican Republic and lightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar. 14 servings, each with 18g plant-based protein. Delicious wild-harvested vanilla and fair-trade organic cacao blends. 100% free of harsh chemicals, fillers, artificial sweeteners, and “natural” flavors. 

Offer: 25% off Trail Mix
Valid: Now - 3/31
Code: 25OFFMIX 
ALOHA Trail Mix is a balanced blend of cashews, goji berries, and pistachios, making this one powerful superfood mix that’s both nourishing and energizing. 

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