Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crossbow By Leader Accessories

I was pretty stoked when I got this in. I was not expecting much for such a great price. However, I was shocked. I am not a huge hunter, however I was looking for a crossbow to start with. Upon getting this I eagerly opened the box. I was excited when i noticed it was pretty easy to put together.  I put this together on my own, honestly pretty fast. It was not hard at all. I shot this multiple times with no issues at all. I find it shot great. My dad who hunts often, said this is a great starter crossbow if you are not looking to spend to much money. I was pumped at how great this shot. My dad was also impressed when he seen it could actually shoot a good distance and it shoots pretty fast. 

This crossbow is durable and well made. It will last until you are ready to upgrade. I can see passing this down to my little brothers or even my son when the time is ready. 

This set came with  4pcs of 16" aluminum arrow, wax, stringer, padded sling, quiver, cocking rope and the crossbow. 

  • Draw Weight: 160 lbs. Speed: 210 fps.
  • Power Stroke: 10.5".Trigger Pull: 6 lbs.
  • Length: 34.5", Width: 26.5"
  • Anti-dry-fire mechanism
  • With 4pcs of 16" aluminum arrow, wax, stringer, padded sling, quiver, cocking rope

Draw Weight: 160 lbs. 

Speed: 210 fps 

Power Stroke: 10.5" 
Green Camouflage Color 
Length: 34.5", Width: 26.5" 
Weight: 5.85 lbs. 
3 red dot sight scope 
Trigger Pull: 6 lbs. 
Anti-dry-fire mechanism 
With 4pcs of 16" aluminum arrow, wax, stringer, padded sling, quiver, cocking rope 

I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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